Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Bike For My Daughter

I should be getting my daughter her own kiddie bike by now. Her doctor recommended it. My hunny has been pestering me about it. But still I can't bring myself to buy that bike. One, because I don't want to commute with a bike on a public transport and two, because I don't want to carry such heavy stuff all the way to the mall and home. If only I have my hunny with me to carry it for me then fine I could buy as many bikes as I could but if it's just me I don't want too.

Speaking of bikes I was watching Wish Ko Lang last Saturday and was touched by this guy who was so dependent on his bike as means of transportation to and from school. Wish ko lang is a TV show that grants people their wish or at least gives them the motivation to achieve their dreams.

They made it appear that this guys bicycle was stolen and it was so obvious how the guy was so crushed upon learning he can never see his precious bike anymore. And when they finally showed him his bike which is a lot different from the old one, they renovated it, change chairs, handlebars and tires, made it brand new, he was so happy. He hugged and kissed the bike like a family member he haven't seen in a while. He called his bike his bestfriend.

Aside from fixing his bike, they gave this guy 4 year college scholarship and gave him a mountain bike he can use to commute much faster to and from school. Pretty neat.

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