Sunday, November 17, 2013

Distributors Wanted

House of Absynthe Bath and Beauty Products

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fund Raiser: HELP! Re-build Homes, Re-Build Lives via Habitat for Humanity Philippines

 Shelter is one of the most important thing to have so the families affected by the calamity have something to start with, a roof on their heads to keep their family safe and warm while trying to move on and get a fresh start find work or a livelihood. Fund Raiser: HELP! Re-build Homes, Re-Build Lives via Habitat for Humanity Philippines

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Must Have Shoes for 2014

Give a girl the right shoes and she will go places!  There's no best gift for the women in your life but to buy her one or any of the must-have shoes' the The Shoes' You Need To Buy Before Christmas  .  It has selection of boots, sandals, pumps and everything you think looks sexy on her! Check it out and buy while supply lasts!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

'I Love Kusama' Collectors Series Exhibit at Ayala Museum

If you love minimialist, feminist,avante garder artwork you might want to check the 'I Love Kusama' Collectors Series Exhibit at Ayala Museum !

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Buy PAC makeup and get a chance to Win a Makeover & A Lenovo Phone

PAC Makeup Craze & Win a Makeover & A Lenovo Raffle

Friday, July 5, 2013

Throwback: Tips On How To Take Good Selfie Shots

Throwback: Tips On How To Take Good Selfie Shots

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rags2Riches - AirAsia Foundation First Social Enterprise Grant Recipient in the Philippines

Rags2Riches - AirAsia Foundation First Social Enterprise Grant Recipient in the Philippines

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shopping For Louis Vuitton Now Available On Your Mobile Device with the LV Mobile App

LV shopping at your fingertips!  View more details here: Shopping For Louis Vuitton Now Available On Your Mobile Device with the LV Mobile App

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Natasha Beauty Lip Duo Cosmos, Pink & Coral Review by Earthlingorgeous

For women on the go this new lip product will surely be good to carry around your makeup kit or beauty emergency purse!  The Natasha Beauty Lip Duo Cosmos, Pink & Coral Review by Earthlingorgeous shows swatches and how it looks on the lips as well.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Insensitive or Sensitive

Dear God,

Make me less sensitive and make other people less insensitive.  Obviously I still hurt and maybe I should let go.

I thought we can be friends but I don't think I can handle it. I have so many issues with him that I guess are not resolved.

Please take away my pain.  I thought it was gone but unfortunately it is still here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who Wears What at the 2013 Oscars

Those who took home the trophy are no doubt the winners of the night. But I think those who walked the red carpet and eyes turned on them and praises being thrown at them from left to right are also the winners. Who wears what at the 2013 Oscars? Find it out here:
My Favorite Fashion & Beauty Looks at the 2013 Oscars - Page 3

Autism Seminars

Building & Strengthening Language Skills & Managing Behavior Problems Seminar  You might want to attend the seminars to help you with your children with autism.

Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Plan A Cheap/Inexpensive Out-Of-The-Country Trip

So planning a vacation this Holy Week?   What to go out of the country but you have limited budget?  Well here are some smart tip on How To Plan A Cheap/Inexpensive Out-Of-The-Country Trip ! Tried and tested!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

LINE Mobile Messaging Now In The Philippines

If you have a lot of friends from Korea then you will love this new app that they said has taken Korea , UK, Australia, Taiwan and 36 more countries by storm.  The NHN Mobile Messaging LINE Now In The Philippines  and they target to tap the mobile dependent communicators in the country.   Kudos to them as this app, even the simple game Line Pop needs to be connected to the internet.  If you ask me they should make an option to have this game offline as not everyone connects to the internet with their mobile devices unless there is a free Wi-Fi or if their data subscription is on an unlimited mobile net.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gift Baskets

I'm the type of person who if possible will give every person I know a gift for Christmas or any special occasion. But since I have limited budget I only give to those who are very close and dear to me.  This Christmas my list of giving individual gifts to friends and relatives were cut short and decided I give their families gift baskets that each of them can enjoy collectively and not individually.

I never really thought of giving my pets their own gift as I am not as too attached to them like other pet owners are who dress up their pets, give them their own beds and other "luxury" that would be better given to a real child.  I saw this site who specializes in dog gift baskets.   But that was just my opinion.   Pets I think are happy to be sheltered, fed and petted and that's the best you can do for them.    Anyway, the contents in the doggy gift include dog food , dog toys , grooming and and many other stuff for canine lovers and their pooch with "classy" taste.

The site is BisketBaskets they sell amazing gift baskets for different occasion, different people and even pets. They also have Easter gift baskets that I personally would like to have because it has all the sweet chocolates I want!  This company has been in the business for 13 years and they are the first one to offer pet gift baskets online.

It's easy to navigate the site, very user friendly and detailed.  I've never heard of get well soon doggy basket before until now.  Dog lovers will definitely love this online gift shopping site.  Price range starts from $25.00 up to as high as you want to spend.  They also offer free ground shipping for orders $125 above.

I'm sure there is something for cats too and other pet lovers.  I'm a cat owner so I really don't relate much to dog owners especially with their special treatments that can be given to a child or more.  I believe dogs are so high maintenance. You have to give them a bath everyday or else they will smell.  You have to clean up their mess or else your home will smell like eww.   While cats, they are low maintenance pets, they smell good even if you don't give them a bath.  They know how to bury their poop. They know where to do their business as so not to leave your place smelling unpleasantly.

Anyway, check out the site, you will love it.  They also have make your own basket for your special someone.  Put whatever you want in there and they will arrange it to be something as pretty as you can imagine.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Two lucky readers will get the chance to own the most coveted leggings of the season from  Read the mechanics on how to get them here at :Outfit Inspiration:The Carrie Diaries & Romwe Leggings Giveaway  Good luck!

Steve Prachyl's Brushed Metal Art

If I was not in the profession I am in right now, I might have been an artist.  A painter to be exact.  I love to draw and I love to make things with my hands.   Like a friend told me who is Earth without Art!   She said this because everyone can see my artistic side in whatever I do.   I think I breathe and live art.

When I saw Steve Prachyl's brushed metal wall art I was super impressed.  This takes a lot of practice and skills and even patience.   The details on his metal wall art is so intricate and well detailed.  Anyone who will take a look at it will be mesmerized and fall in love with it.

His metal wall art  designs will look very good in a house with a modern contemporary design.  It will make a good centerpiece or accent in the dining area or in the living room.  Some of the designs will also look good in the bedroom or even the bathroom.

Most of his metal art works are abstract in design and are made of weaved metal with light and soft movements.  This is what he calls art in brushed metal.  Something very different and very modern.  I love it.

You can check more of his art work in his website there is  gallery of his designs but here is two of my favorites from his collection:

I think he accepts orders and inquiries for customized metal wall art works as well.  I wonder how much a piece is.  Must be expensive!   But well it is worth it.  

There are size options for those who wants to order and is available in 5 feet width and 12 feet in length.  The shipping fee and carting fees are calculated separately from the art fee.   You can't install the art on your own and must be installed by a professional.  The metal materials used for this kind of art is are lightweight made of brushed and lacquered aluminum.  Aside from silver and rustic greys  this kind of art comes in soft brown color as well.

Earthlingorgeous 5th Blogversary Dream Makeover Giveaway!

3 WINNER will win free makeover which includes a new hairdo/hairstyle,  makeup makeover, new outfit , and a spa treat!  2 Winners will win a hair and makeup makeover.  While 3 bloggers who will blog about the contest will get a chance to win  beauty loot from the sponsors!  Hurry Join Now! Earthlingorgeous 5th Blogversary Dream Makeover Giveaway!

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