Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Phenix Heating System

In tropical country like mine a good heating system is not really a requirement. However for people who live in a area where the weather includes a hot summer and cooler winters, air conditioning and heating systems are both essential requirements. While Arizona is a state that is known for its hot dry summer temperatures it also experiences cooler temperatures from November to mid-February with occasional frosts. I also heard the temperature can fluctuate as much as 50 degrees between the day time and evening temperatures. 

So even though Arizona is known for its hot dry summer climate it is important to anyone living there to make sure they have an adequate and efficient heating system. In the greater Phoenix area there is a Phoenix heating company that also provides Scottsdale heating and Mesa heating service and installation service. This company is AC By Jay, which is known for its prompt and very professional service. 

This company services the greater Phoenix area and promises a quick response time. They will do emergency repairs, installation, and regular maintenance to both heating and cooling systems. Your comfort is their goal, and interestingly you can find them at 

When you live in a country with a tropical climate where cold temperatures are rare, it is hard to imagine needing a heating system, and sometimes cooler weather would seem like such a relief. Yet I often hear my boyfriend complain about the cold weather and how he has to bundle up to keep warm. So if you live in a country with cooler temperatures I can imagine how important proper heating must be.

For those living the greater Phoenix area they can call Jay's comfort team if they have any problems with their heating system. There is no need to be cold in Phoenix thanks to this reliable and well thought of service team.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Increase Website Traffic

I know we all loath the heavy traffic we normally encounter during rush hour especially when we are in a hurry for a meeting or are trying to catch up for a very important appointment. There's nothing to love about traffic except when we're talking about website traffic. We all want website traffic as much as we can get as often as we can get it, and a huge amount at that! is a search engine optimization company that can help you increase website traffic with the techniques that they've mastered for quite awhile now. They've been in the business for a long time so they know what they are doing. 

These techniques are something a noobie wouldn't know unless he did extensive research and read everything about it, or have subscribed to services from a previous provider.

They will also help you out in terms of organic search engine optimization which is something I really don't understand but they do. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of subscribing to their services so I can increase my income on my website, because the more traffic your site receives, the more income you generate. 

Well, now you know that this is one good way to increase website traffic which is always good for your company.

Check out to see what they have to offer you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Restaurants In Ayala Triangle Garden

Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City is situated in the middle of three major thoroughfares in the Makati Central Business District:  the Ayala Avenue, Makati Avenue, and Paseo de Roxas.

It was created to serve as a respite and a true third place for office workers, residents, and visitors of the Makati CBD.  An added feature to the Ayala Triangle Gardens, the Restaurants offer an al fresco dining experience, surrounded by lush greenery.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens has total land area of  2,203 sq.m with 12 Dining Spaces.  Parking is at the Gabriela Silang Parking,

The mix of the Restaurants at the Ayala Triangle Gardens offers diverse ‘any day, all occasion’ cuisine
from select Filipino, Asian, and Western restaurants UNIQUE STORES: First Concepts: Bfast by Chef Laudico, C.B.D.(Cheesesteaks, Burgers, and Drinks)  First in the Philippines: Wee Nam Kee, Bon Chon
Chicken First in Makati: Banapple, Momo CafĂ©, Kanin Club, Omakase.

Tissue Is Not Enough

Germs cause sickness. The more germs spread, the more sickness spreads.
In this season of on-and-off rain showers, the effects of germs are easy to see everywhere. And children are taking the brunt of it because their immune systems are not as strong as adults’, making them more susceptible to contagious diseases like colds, cough and flu.

To put a stop to the continuous attack of germs on children, frequent and proper hand washing must become a national habit. But here is where the problem lies. Despite the public’s knowledge of the benefits of hand washing, very few actually take the time to do it. Majority is convinced that covering their mouths with a tissue is enough to stop germs but the truth is, the only way to stop them is to kill them.

Safeguard wants to help champion hand washing and its benefits by convincing Filipinos to stop grabbing just tissues and instead start grabbing hand soap. One of its most recent efforts to forward this cause was the creation of a fictitious tissue brand called Sneeze n Sniffles.

Sneeze n Sniffles look like ordinary boxes of tissue but once opened, they reveal faces of different kids printed on each tissue. The headline simply reads: This won’t stop germs from reaching him/her. The boxes have been handed out at select places for free since December and will be a continuing effort until the end of February.

The hope for this effort is to get more and more Filipinos to start a hand washing habit and therefore stop Filipino children from being attacked by germs and sickness.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everything Is Scrubby

Its amazing how from the past a uniform is just a uniform and a scrub is just among the clothing hospital workers use for work and nothing else. Scrubs have gone way beyond a uniform and a hospital wear.

Now, you can see people wear the hospital uniform outside the hospitals, some people use it as sleepwear or pajama, while some have their child care provider wear them as their uniform.

I'm not sure where to buy medical scrubs but I guess you can find them online or even near hospitals or maybe have it custom made by a seamstress. I like the ones with cartoon characters around it, they are perfect for those who are on duty a nursery or those who care for children.

I think what made them popular were the TV series like Gray's Anatomy and ER. What do you think?

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