Thursday, May 22, 2008

Set Your Priorities Straight

When I said list your priorities, I do mean PRIORITIES and not just things you want to do. If that confuses you let me give you a clear example.

I could put in my list date David Cook but that's like shooting for the stars but if I revise it I can just say go watch David Cook’s concert or buy his first album then that's doable. But of course David Cook is not on my priorities, dating him, watching his concert or buying his album wouldn’t improve the quality of my life, so why should I include him in my list at all.

When I said list of priorities in it means a list that will improve the quality of your life and not just some list of things you want to do short term or long term.
I have those kind of list too, my short term and long term goals. I also have list of things I wish I can do or dare to do someday if I have the liberty to do it with my extra time and money. But as it is it’s something extra and not necessary.

If you trim down that list and break them down to categories like personal, family, relationships, materials, work, and then break them more into what is most important to you that will improve the quality of your life and will make you happy, believe me the list will shrink and you will be surprised to have no less than 10 priorities set.

Let’s all be realistic in setting goals, don’t just write things you know you have no means of achieving or not sincere to have or doing it for the heck of it. Never ever lead yourself on. It will lead to disappointment to the point of surrendering to what happens happens and not because you pilot your way to where you want. Like I said you have the choice. You have the power to set your priorities straight.

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2 Happy Finders:

  • The_Sphinx's World said...

    If I make a list of my priorities today, it wouldn't have mattered if I did it yesterday or if I do it tomorrow. My very first priority would be my family, my husband and my children, and the rest would follow.

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Exactly, Sphinx. But some have not defined their priorities yet and are just fleeting and going nowhere on an endless loop in their life.

    Some list things that are temporal and they think it mattered but after the hype they are empty again.

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