Thursday, February 28, 2008

About My Happiness Haven

I am Earthlingorgeous.

Someone who wishes the world would rather focus on seeing the good things in everything rather than on the negative ones.

I wish to break away from the pessimistic culture I grew-up with (where negatively angled story is more welcomed) by creating this blog.

I want to awaken the inner peace in me and in everyone and to create the energy of happiness from within outwards. To see change we should begin with ourselves.

Like any beauty queen I to dream of world peace. May I be an instrument of such despite not owning a crown or a title in any beauty pageants except for being Ms. Friendship when I was a Junior highschool student. Oh wait! I was 2nd runner-up in the May Flower! LMAO!

I STARTED THIS BLOG ON FEB 29, 2008 and this was my first post:)
"Happiness is contagious,when you reflect happiness
all others around you catch the happy bug and become happy too."

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