Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The best gift a father can give to his child is the love he has for their mother. I think my dad loved my mom so much until his last breathe even if they argue a lot because I believe people argue because they still care. If people don't argue anymore they don't care.

Miss you Papa, wherever you are. I love you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Don't Want To Get Married Just To Be Divorced

I was reading an article earlier about how the people from Iceland was considered the happiest people on Earth. The introduction made me think twice on how on Earth did they became the happiest people on earth when they have the highest birth rate in Europe + highest percentage of women working outside the home + highest divorce rate. But still with that the country was considered to be the best place to live in the world.

I read through it and I was enlightened a bit. It tells how people in that country are happy go lucky people who don't give a heck about things. They don't care what other people say as long as they do what they want. Moral standards are out of the question as to them what is moral and not depends on your religion, environment and belief. Icelandic prime minister, Geir Haarde believe that this is because he have incorporated the best of U.S. and Europe in this country.

This is an excerpt from that article: "But none of this happiness would be possible without the hardy self-confidence that defines individual Icelanders, which in turn derives from a society that is culturally geared - as its overwhelming priority - to bring up happy, healthy children, by however many fathers and mothers. A lot of it comes from their Viking ancestors, whose males were rampant looters and rapists, but had the moral consistency at least not to be jealous of the dalliances of their wives - tough women who kept their families fed in the semi-tundra harshness of this north Atlantic island while their husbands forayed, for years at a time, far and wide. As a grandmother I met on my first visit to Iceland, two years ago, explained it: 'The Vikings went abroad and the women ran the show, and they had children with their slaves, and when the Vikings returned they accepted it, in the spirit of the more the merrier."

If all couples would get married just to get Dallas divorce lawyer when they have misunderstanding then I think I don't want to get married anymore ever. I would rather stay single than go have a Dallas family lawyer on my back all the time updating me about the case and what I can and can not get from the procedure.

I hope I won't need a DALLAS FAMILY LAWYER in my life though. I only want to be married to one man if not none at all. I am not from Iceland and I don't think I will like their ways because I was brought-up differently by my parents. My country does not have divorce because we believe in the sanctity of marriage.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Bike For My Daughter

I should be getting my daughter her own kiddie bike by now. Her doctor recommended it. My hunny has been pestering me about it. But still I can't bring myself to buy that bike. One, because I don't want to commute with a bike on a public transport and two, because I don't want to carry such heavy stuff all the way to the mall and home. If only I have my hunny with me to carry it for me then fine I could buy as many bikes as I could but if it's just me I don't want too.

Speaking of bikes I was watching Wish Ko Lang last Saturday and was touched by this guy who was so dependent on his bike as means of transportation to and from school. Wish ko lang is a TV show that grants people their wish or at least gives them the motivation to achieve their dreams.

They made it appear that this guys bicycle was stolen and it was so obvious how the guy was so crushed upon learning he can never see his precious bike anymore. And when they finally showed him his bike which is a lot different from the old one, they renovated it, change chairs, handlebars and tires, made it brand new, he was so happy. He hugged and kissed the bike like a family member he haven't seen in a while. He called his bike his bestfriend.

Aside from fixing his bike, they gave this guy 4 year college scholarship and gave him a mountain bike he can use to commute much faster to and from school. Pretty neat.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Suspense Is Killing Me

One of the first things my sister and I would be doing when she arrive is process the move-in papers pay the necessary fee needed and get someone to help do the interiors in the new condo. I am so excited at moving in. I wish we can move right now. It's all so convenient for us. We don't have to travel four hours round trip just to the places me and my daughter need to visit thrice a week. The new condo is just five minutes away from my daughter's school, her speech therapy clinic is just 10 minutes away, her occupational therapy clinic and doctor is five minutes away. Commuting is not a hassle anymore as the MRT is just six floors away.

I remember my sister commented about the exterior painting in the condo. She didn't like it and asked if we could arrange to have the exterior painted as well aside from the interior of the condo but I doubt it of course. I was thinking maybe we can do the painting by ourselves when she gets home but well she is on vacation she might not want to do that. Anyway we could hire the people from the Albuquerque Painting to do the job. I heard they can do murals too. I was thinking of some cloud painting on the ceiling of my bedroom, something my daughter would love to look at instead of look down from the patio, scary!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Addicted To Blog

Hi! I am Earthlingorgeous and I am a blog addict! Yeah I am. In fact I created a new blog to prove that. You can check it out it's just a three day old blog. It's It's a blog about finding fabulous items at affordable prices. A blog about shopping but shopping for less. I'm so excited about this new blog I have so many stuff to blog about! See you there!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Light Up My Life

The adage that first impression always last can always be true especially wit our homes. Usually the first thing a guest will likely notice is the way you have landscaped the areas around your home. And if the guests arrives at night they will also notice the lighting.

You can enhance a certain area with fine arts lamps that can illuminate the care and creativy you have put into your home's surroundings. But the reverse can also happen if you made the wrong placement.

Good pieces can also spruce a nice conversation with your guests by strategically placing wonderful lighting products like chandeliers, lamps, wall mount scones, pendant lights, accent lights and more. There are hundreds of choices and ideas you can use at the house of lighting. They have picture lights, task and spot lights that can accentuate the photographs or painting you hang on your walls or wall lamps that can liven-up a dull hallway.

I Love Cookies

When I think about cookies I think of my childhood. I feel like cookie monster that I just can't get enough of them, specially the chocolate chip cookies. Delicious.

Cookies I think is one of the best food ever invented. It's the best comfort food ever that brings out the child in everyone. It's like coming home from school, sitting down on the couch and them mom comes and server cookies and milk.

Cookies is so versatile as well, you can have it as stand alone snack or have one after a filling meal as a desert. You can eat them anytime and anywhere and the expiration date is longer than the rest of the baked goodies. Cookies is also becoming one of the hottest items for corporate giveaways.

If you are looking for mouth-watering chocolate chips and other freshly baked goodies by at David's Cookies and explore their delicious selection. If you found something irresistible then go ahead and shop online. They offer a flat rate of $4.95 shipping. But if you order in bulk or choose their products on promo you can get the shipped for free. David's cookies online store also features frozen cookie dough, gift baskets and more.

Aside from cookies David Cookies also has tarts, cheesecakes, and other yummy deserts to die for.

Long Weekend Rest

I've been attending a lot of events one after another since Monday and I am feeling the toll of it. Aside from having tons of blog backlogs, I feel super super tired. I will be begging out of other events lined-up today like the Pussy Cat Dolls World Domination tour concert tonight and the Sandbox launch event, the Ako Mismo Dog Tag Day at the Fort on Friday and so much more. I want to stay at home this weekend and rest and do my blog backlogs. I am soooo tired. Wanna sleep.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Around The World In One Day

I went to visit Japan, Malaysia and Singapore in one day. It was fun and exciting now I am having body aches! I'll just take some meds and ready to roll for a fun James Bond night at Casino Royale weeeeee! If I got the pot money I would buy some nice rustic furniture they will look so good in my new home!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Fixed Our Flooring

Whenever there's a need for repairs around the house like the basic changing of bulbs or fixing the faucet or cover holes on our roof, I wish there was a man in the house. I think that is what men are made for, to be the handyman around the house and do the hard jobs inside the home. Too bad we don't have a man in the house and I don't have a man in the house so I just have to be one myself.

Could you imagine the tiny old me be able to move our refrigerator aside just to be able to be able to cover the entire floor flawlessly? Can you imagine me lift huge sofa and TV rack? Well I can do it honestly. I guess I have the energy for it.

But honestly if Houston Flooring was just nearby I would have immediately call them without hesitation to save me from all the lifting, dragging, sweating and all the nitty-gritty a handyman should be doing around the house. All I have to do is be cute and wipe the sweat off my man and prepare his meal after the hard work. Maybe give him a massage or two, prepare his shower and sing him a lullaby after.

A Test Of Influence

There is this writing project spearheaded by Janette Toral of Digital Filipino and this is about the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009. I haven't made my list yet and so I made this contest help Earthlingorgeous discover emerging influential blogs.

Great prizes await those who will join the contest, including a My Blog Rocks shirt which is can only be exclusively availed from Earthlingorgeous. There are gift certificates from National Book store and from Padis Point and $5 consolation prize up for grabs.

So if you know of an influential blog or if you think your blog is influential go ahead and join this contest and nominate yourself. Who knows you might hit two birds in one stone!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rain = Power Outage

I don't know it's only here in the Philippines but whenever it rains expect that power outage will come next. It's annoying really since most would rather stay at home than get wet outside. I don't know why it happens but probably because of wrong electrical installations by Meralco or because of the electric thieves tampering on the wiring's that make this happen.

This would not happen if those who install the electric facility here are as professional as the people from the Chicago Electrician. They are professionals who got their license and enrolled on the related course and got certificates before they can practice.

Well so far so good it's been raining for days here now almost a week. But the power and net is still on. Oooopps I should not talk about or I might jinx it.

Close To My Dream

As I little girl I dream of becoming a super model. When I became older I knew I can't because I am vertically challenged and so I dream of becoming a fashion designer. When I tried to take a course related to it I realized my family could not afford all the materials needed and so I took another route.

I became something I didn't expect me to be but yet it is so close to what I wanted to be. Not a front liner but behind the scene which is good in a way I get to enjoy both worlds.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Place For The Family

Myrtle beach resort is one nicest place everyone can enjoy this summer with the family. It has everything for every member of the family like golfing for dad, shopping for mom and daughter, biking for junior and swimming and sight seeing at the top tourist destinations for the entire family.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Wish For Sun, I Wish For Rain

When it summer is up we wish for rain when the rain is here we wish for the sun. It seems you never ever please anyone these days. It's been raining three days straight and flood and traffic was everywhere. We didn't expect the rain this early. Oh well, the weather has been unpredictable since the Global Warming phenomena was discovered.

Anyway, I wish for sun so my laundry would dry and so that we can get our roof fixed. It appears there are some holes on our roof. There were leaks here and there in the house especially at mom's room that we did not know of. Most of the clothes on mom's closet got wet and the flooring was semi-flooded too.

Our roof has been fixed one too many times but it seems we always get unprofessional guys here. We have to do it twice a year. Aside from other repairs in the house that the same cheap workers my mom gets. I wish that Atlanta Roofer was just around the corner so they can fix our roof for good and don't have to worry about ruined clothes when the rain comes. Or I wish I can do everything so we don't need to pay anyone to do the job right.

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