Monday, May 19, 2008

Defining Moments

Life is a series of choices, a continuing process leading us to a path in our lives. Is it a yes or a no? Should you stay, leave or wait?

There’s a line I came across couple years ago: " Don't let go too soon, don't hang on too long,” a one-liner that makes sense but is confusing at the same time. Who gets to say/define/tell us that you have let go too soon? How can one assess that one had and is holding on too long?

The power to choose is up to us. With so many choices and considerations to think about in the end we are only allowed to pick one. Once we settled to a decision we go back again to the very beginning of the process because more choices will be laid to us and we do this day by day by day by day. It’s an endless loop.
Whether the decision is right or wrong, who knows? Who can tell? An action creates a reaction, a cause to an effect. Good or bad it really depends on the perspective of the person.

But making the choice relies on a defining moment, one moment that our logic will not be able to explain that we choose to do something rash. Is it intuition/gut feel or that moment is already defined even before it happens. It's a no brainer. It’s our destiny and nobody can stop us from getting there.

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