Friday, March 28, 2008

Travel the World with Me

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

Jawaharal Nehru

Travelling and discovering new places, culture, foods, meeting new people and captivating the experience through photographs is a sure fire to make anyone happy.

On my sidebar is a list of the World’s Happiest Countries according to a research done by a university in UK. I wanted to write an individual feature on each country but it will be useless since I have not been in any of them. ( Although, inputs from everyone who lives or lived in the countries mentioned below would be nice. )

Anyway, just to summarize what the report said, in comparison to 178 countries they surveyed below were listed as the top-10 countries whose residents are happier and satisfied with their life. Click on their links and travel the world with me, I’m sure it will make you itch to travel the world :)

1. Denmark
2. Switzerland
3. Australia
4. Iceland
6. Finland
5. The Bahamas
7. Sweden
9. Brunei
8. Bhutan
10. Canada

My country, the PHILIPPINES ranked 78.

Other notable results was that USA is only 23rd; GERMANY 35th, UK 41st, FRANCE 62nd, CHINA 82nd, JAPAN 90th, INDIA 125th and RUSSIA 167th.

For a comprehensive report about this and to see where your country ranks just click this : World's Happiest Countries (know I know how to do linking it’s so easy and convenient :)

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6 Happy Finders:

  • Don Dousharm said...

    Hello Earthlingorgeous,

    You are gaining in popularity quite rapidly. Your blog and you deserve it. It is very good. I enjoy reading every morning.

    My #1 happy place is right here at home with my family and early morning in front of this computer when everyone else is still sleeping.

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Hahahaha! Thanks Donald I just love tagging along and also it feels good to know that I am not rambling alone, somebody catches what I say and probably if it's good they will adopt it in their lives. That makes me happy :) help in any little way :)

    And I agree the happiest place we could ever be is where our loved ones are :) and some time alone to enjoy whatever we love doing :)
    Good morning to you :)

  • bobbyboy said...

    "Although, inputs from everyone who lives or lived in the countries mentioned below would be nice."

    I have been to a few other countries and have some insight, but it is relative because I choose to see the positive things.

    Gee, that means that every country is a happy country to me? I need help lol

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Well actually what I love about being a tourist is that when you visit a different country you see all beautiful things and appreciate all the good in there.

    It's the feeling of being to a new place and seeing new things and being in a new environment that makes other country much happier or happier.

    Like when I went for a vacation in Hong Kong, I fell in love with their country its so clean and nice and dynamic and NO SMOKING everywhere! Awesome :)

  • intrepidideas said...

    That's an interesting list. I wonder how this list changes over the years.

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Yeah me too intrepid...they just came out with this list last year so maybe they will come up with a new one... thanks for dropping by :)

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