Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Writing and Blogging

I don’t have a flawless copy. I don’t think I’m a great writer compared to my contemporaries and others out there who have their brows raised already by just visiting this blog. Sometimes I can be very naïve, most of the times actually. You visited at your own will.

However arrogant others think I am, especially from the writing club I am (was) a part of, you can’t discourage me from writing and blogging. You can’t take me away from my passion.

I write to satisfy myself and nobody else. Writing is my form of relaxation and diversion.

I find it irresistible to write and blog. It is different and more convenient than writing diaries with a pen and scented notebook with lock. It is less messy than making scrapbooks and it’s a break away from the negative focused news writing/ journalism I was used to.

It is creating my own world, my own space, my haven.

Blogging is the perfect place for me, it makes use of my creative energies, writing, arts and photography and anything using my hands, eyes and my artistic instinct.

I see pleasure in my blog. If what is here is not important to you who by chance passed by my page out of curiosity, it’s your problem, I could care less, my happiness and the people directly involved in my life is what’s important to me. Strangers’ opinion does not matter to me.

I blog/ write diaries because I have a tendency to forget. I write to communicate to the hearts and minds of the people surrounding me what is burning inside of me. It is like talking without being interrupted.

I write because of the voice inside me that will not shut up until it sees the words written down.

I write because I have the ability to do so and I am making use of the talent I was given.

When I write it makes me happy.

(My version of George Orwell’s Why I Write)

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3 Happy Finders:

  • Kate said...

    Hey - I am all about a happy blog. I realized one day that along with not knowing the glory of Jesus, the next greatest tragedy in life is knowing Jesus and yet not living in the fullness and complete joy that He desires for us. So I am all about leaving the pessimism of the past behind and moving on to a higher place in life.

  • Lalaine said...

    Keep on writing! you do write well and it's good for the soul.;)

    btw, came here throught link referral! enjoyed your page! God bless!

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Thanks so much Kate amd Lalaine :)

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