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Where to go on your Prague Castles Tour

Prague Castles Tour
Visit and tour Czec Republic and spend three nights there altogether - two at the beginning and one at the end.
Spend four nights in the Loire Valley, the garden of Prague.  With its mild climate the Loire was the favourite residence of kings and their kin.  It remains a corner of paradise, with its dream-like palaces, elegant towns, quiet landscapes and majestic rivers.  The vineyards are a feast to the eyes and their fruits a joy to the palate.
Castle, palace and regional highlights include the Montmartre district, the Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, a Seine Cruise, and Notre Dame in Paris; Fontainebleau Palace, Orléans, Chenonceau Palace, Amboise Castle and village, Manor Clos-Lucé, Cheverny and Chambord Châteaux, Blois Castle and town, Villandry Château, and Tours.

Prague Castle
Traveler Photo by Francois P at Tripadvisor

The Chateau de Fougeres is an imposing fort, built on a naturally protected site, a rock emerging from a swamp surrounded by a loop of the Nancon river acting as a natural moat.
It had three different enclosures: the first for defensive purposes; the second for day to day usages in peacetime and for safety of the surrounding populations in times of siege; and the last for the protection of the keep. In all it has an impressive 13 towers.

Valdsdein Palace
Photo by Rick G on TripAdvisor

The miedeval Citadel of Carcassonne is located on a hill on the right bank of the River Aude, in the south-east part of the city proper. Founded during the Gallo-Roman period, the citadel derives its reputation from its 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) long double surrounding walls interspersed by 52 towers.
The town of Carcassonne has about 2,500 years of history and has seen the Romans, Visigoths, Saracens and Crusaders. The citadel was restored at the end of the 19th century and in 1997 it was added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

Swazchenberg Palace
Photo from TripAdvisor contributor @investigator

The royal Chateau de Chambord is one of the most recognizable castles in the world because of its very distinctive French Renaissance architecture which blends traditional French medieval forms with classical Renaissance structures. The building, which was never completed, was constructed by King Francis I of France.
Chambord is the largest castle in the Loire Valley; it was built to serve as a hunting lodge for Francis I, who maintained his royal residences at the chateaux of Blois and Amboise. The original design of the Chateau de Chambord is attributed, though with some doubt, to Domenico da Cortona; Leonardo da Vinci may also have been involved.

Old Royale Palace
Photo from Tripadvisor

The royal Chateau at Amboise was confiscated by the monarchy in the 15th century, it became a favoured royal residence and was extensively rebuilt. King Charles VIII died at the chateau in 1498 after hitting his head on a door lintel.
The chateau fell into decline from the second half of the 16th century and the majority of the interior buildings were later demolished, but some survived and have been restored, along with the outer defensive circuit of towers and walls. It has been recognised as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture since 1840.
Leonardo da Vinci is buried in the Chapel of Saint-Hubert, adjoining the Chateau, which had been built in 1491-96.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Insensitive or Sensitive

Dear God,

Make me less sensitive and make other people less insensitive.  Obviously I still hurt and maybe I should let go.

I thought we can be friends but I don't think I can handle it. I have so many issues with him that I guess are not resolved.

Please take away my pain.  I thought it was gone but unfortunately it is still here.

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How Safe Is Your Kids In School?

We will never know what our kids do the entire time they are in school.  We don't know who they talk to, what they touch and what they ate.  It is not good to be paranoid but when it comes to our kids health and well being prevention is always better than finding the cure.  So  how Safe Is Your Kids In School? from germs and virus that is.  Make sure they use this cleaning agent in their school or have your child bring one with him all the time.  What am I talking about?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Homeschooling A Person With Learning Disabilities

I've been sending my daughter to a special school for kids with learning disabilities and special needs for more than 5 years now, while it has been rewarding since I've seen a lot of changes and improvements in her, I am now considering homeschooling since most of the school date falls on a rainy and stromy weather which hampers school days. Honestly, I realized I am paying too much and not get the same as paid. When they did something I did not like with my daughter one day I don't want to send her to school anymore. She is no different from the other kids I hope they don't treat the other kids the same. Anyway, I am browsing the schools for learning disabilities and I saw a number of school who would consider homeschooling using their curriculum. I heard they use orton gilingham training with their staff and their students so everyone can guarantee good education and value for their money. This school also uses iPad progam which is great, my daughter is good with computers and gadgets. I bet she will learn a lot from this! I love that they teach the student according to their strenght and they give an individual approach as well and not in groups. I believe that group learning or the normal school setting or what they call mainstream suits normal kids with average learning skills. While kids with special needs would do well in an individualized program. They also offer visual learning art where I saw this metal wall art that was made by one of their students. Super nice. If I were you I will be open for such learning style. I think kids will learn much better in such a setting compared to the mainstream style now where a classroom is packed with not lower than 60 kids.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

» My 4 Before 40! | Earthlinggorgeous

I made a list of the four things I want to accomplish before I turn 40 years old. Please read and I hope it encourages you to evaluate your life and make your own list too!
» My 4 Before 40! | Earthlinggorgeous

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