Sunday, March 2, 2008

Linky Love

It’s a weekend so let’s all relax and travel the world with this worldwide linky love I wasn't tagged (hmmm) I just grabbed hahahaha!

* start copy here*
Join the Worldwide Link Love!
Benefits of Worldwide Link Love!
1. Make new friends around the world.
2. Feel the Link Love.
3. Gain new readers and subscribers.

1. If you got tagged copy from the *start copying here * up to * end copying here * mark and paste it on your blog.
2. At the end of the list, put your name and the country beside your name, the country you should put is from where you are publishing and not where you come from or your nationality.
3. Those who own at least more than one blog can include it all in this linky love, just make sure to post the same on the blogs you will include in this tag.
4. Tag as much blogging friends you want to join the tour.

Anyone who is not yet included in the list and would like to join the world wide linky loving leave your comment in here and I will include your link and just follow the rules after.

Worldwide Link Love! Participants:
1. Julia (Philippines) 2. Catherine (Malaysia) 3. shimumsy(u.s.a) 4. Mitch (Philippines) 5. Hailey (Philippines) 6. Liza (Philippines) 7. Sasha (Philippines)
8. Tere (Philippines) 9. Simply The Best (Germany) 10. The World Wide Web Addict 11. My Daily Nourishment (link not working though) 12. My Euro Travel and Adventure13. Euroangel Graffiti (Germany) 14. Life and Me by Pinay Jade(Singapore) 15. Exploring Asia by Pinay Jade(Singapore) 16)Arvindspage by Arvind(India) 17) Earthly Explorations (Philippines) 18) My Happiness Haven (Philippines)
*end copy here*

I am tagging my blogging friends around the world:
1) Miss Pink Biik Blogging 2) On Love 3) A Little Time
4) Reyna Elena 5) Live Love Life 6) In My Crazy Beautiful World 7) Jeans Women

Wow! Thank You My Happy Blogging Friends!my award to all interesting blogBlog Awards Winner

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