Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy to be Blogging (Confessions of a Blog Addict/ Newbie)

This blog is officially 20 days old and I am so happy with the improvements and developments I made, the friends I met and the entirely new and fun world of blogging I am discovering.

You can say that I am a blog addict, this thing draws me everyday. Two years ago I discovered blogging for my pleasure of journaling everyday events, rants and thoughts. It was not as elaborate as what Blog Spot offered me now. That was in Y!360 But I it’s not “on air” now because I would like to dedicate my blogging here. My friends in there were informed of my moving-out and they understand and still visit me here sometimes. I also left Y!360 because there are some glitch on the system and it’s somewhat annoying.

Although, I still use the compose blog options of Y!360 to edit format and fonts of my post. See they have this option of being able to see the HTML codes and it’s so easy for me to change fonts and colors. Yeah I like colors, isn’t it obvious! So there that’s my secret for making this colorful blog. Thanks Y!360.

Any who, as a newbie and a self-confessed blog junkie, adding decorative blings to my blog is the first order of business I have in my for first couple days. The greatest mistake I did, but did not regret, was when I asked members of the Yahoo writing groups (that I won’t mention the name) to visit my blog. I was naïve and clueless where to get traffic for my blog. I posted a new thread that asked the members in there to go check out my blog. I was aghast! Initial reaction was so negative, I was speechless. The load people whom I often see posting threads and replying to post replied with bitterness that I could not understand. It was a friendly invitation and a naïve one at that. I just said “go check out my blog” then described my blog as I described it in here and anywhere else.

I left the group after the group administration took side of the attackers, for goodness sake they didn’t even go out of their way to check my blog and they criticize me about posting such a thread! But some were nice and messaged me in private, unlike the loud ones that the group administration allowed to get posted, and told me about friendly neighborhoods in the blog world. Last thing I heard was there was a thread administered by my first attacker about her blog. Huh! Sleek move eh? Anyway, the good thing about them driving me away in that group was I was able to discover new grounds. A friendlier and helpful environment and that is Blog Catalog.

Here I am a happy blogger, just the way I like it. Browsing over people’s page, I was very overwhelmed, so many blogs so little time another blogger quipped, was it the flower smellers. I joined Blog Catalog on March 13? Seems like years already. Here I found nice blogs and website aside from friendly people and new decorations I can add to my blog. And some interesting widgets with money making opportunities online I didn’t think existed.

I was only familiar with Adsense because it’s somehow embedded in the Blogger’s system. I have two other blogs I made prior to this happy blog and I have some widgets there and advertisement I put up from Adsense. Honestly, I really don’t think I’d make a hefty profit in these things but well it won’t hurt. Everyone could use a little help. So I browsed around some more and discovered Blogvertise, Clicksense and AdBrite among others like Pay per Play (PPP) etc. They look as decorations for blog pages and I want to get the feeling of a magazine like, scrapbook type thing going so I signed-up for those. If I made progress and make something laudable, I will tell you all about it promise.

Clicksense is making a good impression on me in this area though. In just a couple days, 4 days to be exact I think (lol), I made $.39 already. Cool! I’ve read on some thread in Blog Catalog that they reached such amount after months.
Probably that’s the reason why Blogvertise considered approving my “application” to have them place their ads on my page. According to their policy, they only approve publishers whose blogs are 30 days old. My blog just turned 20 days old today! What I liked about Blogvertise is that the tips they give budding publisher is helpful in finding places to and sign-up for to get more traffic to your blog.

I also discovered Link Referral and I love it too. Especially the options where you can be reviewed by other bloggers and have their reviews posted to your blogs (another lovely decoration for my blog) I love the reviews I am getting. Thank you everyone for the nice feedback! Link Referral is true to it’s claim that it can bring you real traffic to your blogs.

Oh! How can I forget the local blogger groups Pinoy Blogger, Pinoy Hot Blogs and Got Pinoy; Blog Listing, Blog Hub, Technorati, Link 2 Blogs and Blog Rankings, Blogarama and the Blog Writers. Please vote for me in my first ever attempt to join a blog contest the Philippine Blog Contest. You can vote for me by just clicking that little image that says VOTE MY BLOG, its all over the page. Click and submit vote that’s all there is! No registration, no anything. There's also another contest the Blog Idol by Go! Smell the flowers, from Blog Catalog I wonder how the contest is progressing.

Bad, bad, bad me! I wasn’t to blog today as part of my contrition because it’s Holy Week, in addition to the sacrifice of not eating meat until Black Friday. A religious tradition I grew-up with, stay away from earthly pleasures at least until Black Friday. I failed miserably, here I am typing away! This is the longest post I’ve ever written so far. I’m so bad!

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8 Happy Finders:

  • Don Dousharm said...

    Again, my morning coffee somehow is more enjoyable. Your writing is so much better than reading about the same news story on on every other page I come across. By the way, stay away from the digg network. The type of people are very much the same as the Y360 group you mentioned and just for reference Y360 will be going away soon. I have been reading about it lately.

    The adsense and clicksense are very good to have. Yahoo also has a good one and works just like adsense.

    Have a good day

  • Unknown said...

    Bad bad girl ;I've placed this one too on my blogroll.

  • EG said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Hi Donald thanks for the tip. Anyway, I think I'm satisfied with what I already have in here, maybe take a peek in that Yahoo thing, haha something to doll up my page :) Thanks for the nice words as always and making your morning rituals better while you read me :)

    Haha yeah Jade spank me I've been a bad bad girl... :) thanks for including me in your networks :)

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi very nice post here yes i added this one also in my paged your blog is nice good luck.

  • Unknown said...

    Hey there I have a tag for you in my blog :)

    Have a beautiful day!

  • Anonymous said...


    thanks for the visit and congrats on your 20th day in the blogosphere :).

    More days to come and enjoy ur stay with us..the rest of the blog addicts :D

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    thanks so much dabawenya :) and thanks for visiting my blog too :)

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