Friday, March 14, 2008

My S.H.O.E. for the day

Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves - or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth.

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Seven Heven On Earth, that’s what the acronym stands for. I created my SHOE almost 2 years ago on my other blog site to focus on things that I should be grateful for, atleast seven things that made my day not so bad and stressful. I have not thought of any topics to write about today I was overwhelmed and excited by the new discoveries I found on the internet today. But I don’t like leaving my blog without posting anything so I decided time to post my SHOE for today.

1. The someone I was missing so much called me today as soon as he woke up. Isn’t he sweet!
2. When a door closes a new one opens. I left a writing group here on the net (but I won’t mention the name because that would be free advertising, haha! But if you really want to know I can whisper it to you, only if you ask me to on my comment box, haha! Teasing!) I left that group because the louder and active members are very negative and they will eat you alive. Anyway, enough of that. I’m so happy to find my way in this bloggers community, Blog Catalog. So many friendly people in there and lots of blogs to browse. So many good blogs actually and so little time. I made new friends at Blog Catalog and got new tools to dress-up this blog. Thank you so much.
3. I was invited to work as a Marketing/PR for Tuazon Racing School in Makati. Isn’t that swell!
4. My daughter has a good appetite. Very good actually. She eats what I cook and she likes to eat rice (plain rice!) every hour!
5. Officially it’s SUMMER! The sun was awesome today but it’s not too hot because there’s a nice cool breeze that comes along with it. Weather report said early mornings and nighttime here in Manila will still be cool because of the hanging Amihan (breeze coming from the melting ice in the South). Temperature is expected to rose from 22-33. Yup relatively speaking that’s extremely hot for some Western countries.
6. American Idol! I was relieved that Ramiele Malubay wasn’t sent home this week, there’s a chance for her to redeem herself and show off what great voice she really have.
7. Yummy nice barbeque my sister brought home tonight. Yup I eat rice late at night and I don’t get fat!

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