Monday, March 31, 2008

Chasing Your Happily Ever After or Living It?

Fairy tales taught us that the main character will find his or her happily ever after in the end of the story. It's either a knight-in-shining-armour will come to save her and that there will be a damselle-in- distress that needs rescuing by the brave knight. That villains will be punished and that everyone will rejoice when the prince charming gets the princess and gets married. The story stops there. The end.

We all strive to find our happy ending, but do we want it all to end when we already achieve that happines we all look for? Ofcourse not. We want to live in that moment and wish time to stop or gets slower so that the happy moment will last like forever util we breathe our last breath.

We will always find what we are looking for if not now maybe the next best thing to it and you all will surely find your happy ending where a new story will begin you just have to keep on looking or be content to what comes your way.

Searching for true happiness and the quest to achieve it is not an easy task, that was what I though before. Because I use to believe that struggles and roadblocks will always be a hindrance that will leads to where I want to be. But I was wrong, happiness is being satisfied with the now and actively choosing happiness over sorrow. Life is never easy but we can thread lightly.

It's been said that our destiny is laid to us even before we were born, it is not there waiting for us and ready to come straight at us in an instant. It's there it is what's meant for you. Yes we have to go and we will go through many obstacles, meet people, deal with situation that will affect wherever we wish to be. Sometimes we give up so easily because we can only take so much.

Is giving up the only option? Is surrendering to your failure the only best thing to do? Is this what you want? Is this what you think you deserve? Will you be happy in this decision?

Yes, your happiness matters. If you are not happy then those people around you can feel it. Sometimes we should be selfish to think first of our welfare before anyone else because if we are not happy within ourselves whatever we do will be temporal and after awhile we will feel empty. Go chase your happily ever after.

How do you know its your happily ever after? When you open your eyes when you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and a glow in your heart, with little worries, and you can sleep comfortably at night I think thats how you'll know your living your happily ever after.

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17 Happy Finders:

  • Don Dousharm said...

    Do we ever really find our happily ever after?

    To avoid the waking up in the morning not happy or content I have something that works fairly well. We all have our ups and downs. The key is to never go to bed angry. If you and your spouse ever argue or fight about something, you owe it to each other to resolve the issue before you go to sleep.

    My wife and I disagree on many issues and at times it can get down right ugly but we are partners and it is ok to disagree. We have made an agreement with each other a long time ago. No matter what our issues are we are not allowed to go to bed angry with each other. If the issue can’t be resolved, so be it. We laugh about it and put it on the back burner for another time. Those issues seem to have a way of not being very big after a day or two and usually resolve themselves.

    We have a 12 year old son who our world is built around and I am content to maintain structure in his life. I go to work everyday to become financially stronger and keep shelter for my family and make sure their needs are met. I am content with the life I made. Does that mean I am happy all the time? NO! Does that mean that I am content to be who I am and take life’s struggles and work with them as if they were my responsibility? YES!

    I don’t know what my happily ever after is but I am content to know that I do the best I can each and every day. I am happy with who I am.

    I read every word you write Earth, and enjoy very much your perspective on life. You have a profound way of presenting your thoughts and I enjoy your blog very much.

    I am sorry for such a long comment but the things you write about cause me to really start thinking and I thank you for that.

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Hahahaha! No worries Donald fill your boots :)

    Thanks so much for appreciating my blog and whatever I write in here... and I agree it is very normal not to be happy all the time it's gonna rain sometimes... happily ever after, it's meaning differs to ever person the important thing is ... always look for the beautiful things in your life and it won't be chasing your happily ever after but living it :)

  • Anonymous said...

    The last paragraph very well described happiness. Through my experience, I've seen people around me working day and night in order to achieve happiness which they believe lies solely in wealth, but I could not see any light of happiness shining in their faces after so long. I believe that having a good balance in life will help to create happiness which lies in our heart.

    A very thoughtful post.

    Btw, my Statement of Gratitude is ready :)

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Oh cool Zunnur, I will check your statement of gratitude now :) and yeah money doesn't buy happiness and sometimes the more we have money the more we want it and so we are never satisfied... happiness is indeed only can be found by heart.

  • Prily said...

    Hi Earth,life is not perfect but i believe sometimes fairly-like. I am lucky to experience it. You,too! Have a nice day,my friend.
    BTW,my internet connection had been bugging me for many days now.It has been on-and -off. I better send this comment before it will get dc again!hehehehe!take care,my friend!

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Yeah Prily so true :) like is sometimes fairy-tale like and like in those stories there are villains and obstacles too :)

    Ahh I know how annoying unreliable internet connection is, I hope you got it fixed soon, call your customer service. Take care my friend talk later:) hugs :)

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi Earth,
    Like your post on happy ever after. It is true that one should have a realistic view and actively persue her own happiness.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and participating in Reflective Monday :)

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi dude,
    Your blog is really cool.

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    hi dominique, thanks so much for the visit :) happiness is a choice :)

    h@r, dude! thanks :)

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi, Cool !! Really Nice thoughts,I really enjoy and realize your last paragraph ...

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Thanks Suryas and also thank you for dropping by :)

  • bobbyboy said...

    My happily ever after began with realizing that life starts with me. I am the starting point which effects others around me. I choose for that to be positive, regardless of circumstance, I will do the best I can and live, "Happily ever after."

    Great post!

  • The Fitness Diva said...

    You should never give up on finding your ultimate happiness, whatever that is. I mean, that big goal or vision that we all strive for. You can't give up on it. When you give up hope, the death or your spirit is soon to follow.

    I have every day happiness, and then my pursuit of that ultimate happiness that I envision in my future, which for me will be just being able to wake up everyday and do exactly what I want. To live in a peaceful, beautiful place around peaceful, beautiful people and enjoy every minute of it. To wake up and decide whether or not I want to just dance, sing or paint a picture. Or whatever pops into my head. No worries!

    Having complete freedom is my vision of ultimate happiness, and I'm always chasing it!
    In the meantime, I find joy in the smaller, everyday things. That ability I'm most grateful for!

    By the way, love your blog. I need to stop by more often! ;)

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    I agree that you shouldn't seek happiness outside yourself, happiness should begin within yourself and let it spread out, because really how you view life and everything in it starts from yourself and nobody else.

    But it's different from having the attitude that the worlds revolves around me.

    Thanks for actively visiting and commenting on my post :)

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Hi Diva!

    Thanks for the nice words, do feel free to visit as often as you could.

    Yes it's true don't ever give up searching for your ultimate happiness and appreciate your everyday life. Being happy is really a choice.

  • bobbyboy said...

    "But it's different from having the attitude that the worlds revolves around me."

    Hi EG,

    Gee, I hope I didn't represent myself as this was me in the quote above?

    I meant it in the way you described in the first part of your reply.

    It's kind of like a mother has to stay healthy and responsible in order to take care of her children, if she doesn't, then the children will suffer.

    To me, this is not selfish, but common sense. Same principle that I tried to describe for me.

    But, you are right I think, there is a big difference between say responsibility for oneself and selfishness.

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    No bobby, I don't mean it for you, but that is a general statement ... being responsible and selfish is different :)

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