Monday, July 4, 2011

Sorry For No Updates

I'm sorry for neglecting this blog for awhile now.  I'm too caught up in updating my other blogs that I neglect this one.  I should keep it updated since its all about my happiness.  Not updating it make it appear that I don't find any happiness in my life now.  But really its the other way around.  I just don't find time to drop by I have no excuse but that.  Laziness and priority.  This blog isn't my priority.  I was focusing on my self-hosted blogs than this.

There's so many things to tell you about.  So many great things that happened since I stopped writing here.  I'll try to write once a week.  Hopefully and get my rhythm of writing daily and write sensible things and not just anything.  Write the way I used to and not just for commercial purposes.  Meanwhile, I need to blog for my sponsors so until next post. Toodles.

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