Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Are Not Worthless

"Have any of you ever thought of yourselves as better than someone else, or found yourself judging another too quickly before you really got to know the real person behind the mask?

Well we each have our own viewpoints of life and what some may find acceptable others may find inappropriate and turn away from their behaviour outlook on life thinking that they are a bad influence on others and so on.

Humanity should be far more accepting towards others because all to often people can easily make others feel like the vehicles in this video and in doing so making their lives worse, so try not to judge others too quickly because all to often people get the wrong impressions about others without bothering to see their inner beauty.

For those of you who do not visit parents/grandparents, sick relatives (The list goes on) all that often, I am sure that they would love to know that they are still appreciated and that you care because people can easily feel like a burden to others and they need to know how you really feel about them by not just telling them but being their and truly showing that you care.

If you feel that you are like one of those poor vehicles, then just remember that there is always someone who cares."

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