Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On The Same Boat

Only single parents know how hard it is to be one. The ordeal of doing things on your own. Be the mom and dad at the same time, attend to the needs of your kids and parents if you are living with them since your a single parent you need support of your parents for raising your kids.

I think single parents understand each other very well. Once you mention to a fellow single parent that you are a single parent some kind of sympathy happens. Maybe because you are on the same boat and you both know how it feels.

Single parents have a hard time finding a partner to share their troubles and dreams. Some are there for the fun of it but can't stay any longer when troubles arise especially when it involves raising the child. It will be a lot easier to find a single parent as a partner and those who are looking for one may find it at this single parent chat room. There are hundreds of member in there and signing up is free. If you know anyone who is interested let them check the site out, who knows, their happiness is just a click away.

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