Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Wearing My SHOE Today

I think it’s been awhile, it’s high time for me to take out my S.H.O.E. and wear them proud.

1. I thank God for keeping my family intact and very close. Despite oddness in my mom and dad’s relationship, they managed to stay together for 34 years; it’s their anniversary on June 18. It’s true that when everyone has turned their backs on you, you can always turn to your family for support.

2. My daughter has so many improvements, it may be small things to others but to me and to someone like her it’s a big thing. She now follows command (with a little prodding) like returning her glass to the table after drinking. She now helps pick-up mess she made around the house. She shows a lot of interest in learning new things.

3. We are safe and warm inside our home. Despite it being far from most relative, we never really faced serious illness or suffered from the bad weather or natural disasters in here unlike in other places.

4. It’s great to see relatives I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s sad that there has to be death to bring back relatives together, but with the way my nephew looks into my Aunt’s death (his grandmother and my father’s sister) “We should celebrate because now she is fulfilled.” (and also released from pain.)

5. Rosalyn Sanchez (the Latina secret agent from the movie Rush Hour 2) was added from the roster of my lucky celebrity look-a-likes like Eva Langoria and Jessica Alba just to name a few. (Hahahaha!) Actually, as long as the one I love thinks I’m the most gorgeous woman on Earth and the last woman on Earth for him then I am happy. It feels great to be reminded of that often.

6. I’ve been shopping for the past couple weeks already. Clothes, machines, food, shoes, accessories and other home stuff.

7. Having a mani-pedi (manicure and pedicure) and home-service massage. Heaven!
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