Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine Chinese New Year 2010

2010's Chinese New Year is interesting because it falls on a Valentines day. For sure everywhere will be painted red because of the hearts for Valentines and the red for good luck in Chinese belief.

For sure all restaurants all over the world who celebrates both will have a full house and most would request to use round dining room tables because round is also considered as good luck by the Chinese. Circle symbolizes cash and infinite luck.

Some also like to go have their future read before the Chinese New Year so they would know how to counter back luck if any and how to enhance their luck with charms and rituals they need to do on the eve of the celebration. This is why I am super excited to attend that Psychic Festival and have a reading.

Spreading coins all over the house is also considered good luck. Its also important to have the house spick-and-span before the New Year so get someone to clean your homes soon .

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