Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Easy To Please

When I was in grade school one of our teachers asked "Are you happy right now? Are you satisfied with your life? " Immediately my response to my teacher was "Yes, I am happy and very content." My teacher was surprised while most of my classmates laughed I think they find my answer amusing.

My teacher asked me "How could you say that?" I said "What more can I ask for? My parents provide everything I need, I am studying right now, we have a home and I have clothes to wear."

She probe some more : "But don't you have anything you want for yourself aside from the things you already have?"

I answered without hesitation: "I am happy with what my parents can give. If I want something and they can't give it I understand."

"How inspiring!" my teacher said and turned to the class saying that is what people these days should have, contentment.

During my get together with my high school classmates last December I was asked the similar question again. Without batting an eyelash I said yes, very happy. They don't believe me.

Honestly I pity the people who find it hard to see the blessings they already have in their life. They look for something that is not there ignoring whats there. I am very easy to please and easy to dismay too. Maybe that's why I am happy.

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