Friday, April 4, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

Will you agree if I tell you that if you want to be happy in life, you should keep all your commitments and don't expect other people to keep any of theirs? Yeah, I know that sounds unfair and I would imagine you already have your brows raised and probably have your eyes rolled up to the left thinking about it at the same time.

Honestly, every one expects a little of something from anything and anyone. When we do something for someone, in the corner of our minds and probably in our subconscious one day your good deed will be returned favorably. It’s near impossible to never expect.

Expectations, even the slightest hope for it can sometimes makes us upset, especially when what we hope for didn’t come out the way we secretly wished it would be. Even if we said we didn’t expect anything anticipation still arises and seems an instinctive trait we all have.

Disappointment arises when expectations are not met. So how do we keep our sane, be normal, and just be us and still be happy or happier. It's simple by just lowering your expectations you lessen your chance to be disappointed or frustrated. You see expecting other people to keep their part of the bargain, unwritten or not is (a) unrealistic and; (b) an invitation to irritation.

When the favor you did was returned great! When it is not don’t fuss about it.

The best things in life are unexpected,

because there were no expectations.

Eli Khamarov

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7 Happy Finders:

  • Don Dousharm said...

    I have learned a long time ago not to expect anything from anyone. I don't expect anyone to reciprocate what I may do for them. I do what I feel and if I don't feel like it at the time then I don't do it. I don't feel guilt for not doing something for someone. I don't know what that makes me but it is who I am.

    Just seeing the relief on someones face from receiving the help they needed at the time they needed it most makes me feel gratified that they are less stressed because of it.

    And yes, It's hard not to expect something in return. I think it's just our nature as humans.

    I love this concept, "Lowered Expectations", HOW TRUE!

    I will have to add that to my thoughts of the day list when I am feeling unappreciated.

    Keep up the good writing Earth.

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Thanks Donald for being my avid reader :) Hope you have a great day.

  • K. Joseph said...

    I feel you about lower your expectations to minimize the disappointment. But you cannot lower your expectations with everyone so you cannot feel hurt. For example if you have a child(I Do 4 year old) I have extremely high expectations for her. I will raise those expectation as she gets older. Disappointment comes with raising a child but if you keep those expectations high hopefully with your actions and positive reinforcements they will be minimal let down. But hey she is only 4 years old hit me up when she is a 16 year diva...


  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Lol Nano I understand that point of view... I have a daughter 6 years old but she is diagnosed with very mild autism.
    When I gave birth to her all I expected was a happy, healthy, normal child.

    Anyway, about us parents, we are children of our own parents and they also set high standards/expectations for us, and sometimes because of that high expectation we don't meet that disappoint them we as children develop insecurity or anxiety or just rebel some more...

    It's good to set high expectations on our children but one child differs from another so we can't compare and expect so much of them.

    I think it's better to inculcate on them good values to work through their lives, and let them learn through experience and just instill in their mind good values and that you will always be there to support them with all their endeavours.

    Being like that will make them see what a good parent you are to be let down so they will give you things to be proud of.

    Not so high expectations but they give you good results is better than setting high results not met. You get my drift.

    Oh btw nano, thanks for dropping by and helping me out with the rank confusions.

  • K. Joseph said...

    This is my third attempt at posting this comment...The comment gods looks like they do not want me to post my comment. I agree with you full heartily. The wife and I talk about this exact same thing last night. Values is a key component to implement when raising a child. I also see your point of view with lowering your expectations with others to minimize disappointment. I think this works best in a relationship. Great post keep up the good work.


  • bobbyboy said...

    I have expectations and goals for myself. I am the captain of my ship and allow others to be their own captain as well.

    I have no real expectations of anyone and therefore never let down, but many times, I am pleasantly surprised :)

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    awww nano, thanks for being persistent to post :) I appreciate.
    and yeah values learned at home will be the core of any persons life.

    bobby, that's exactly what I mean you will be pleased when someone does something for you it's a real pleasant surprise :)

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