Friday, April 25, 2008

Find Your Passion

“Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something you’re tremendously passionate about.” Steve Pavlina

I have this inclination that when I find something new and interesting to do, I get so immersed in it, so immersed that I can’t stop until I achieve the result I want to see.

I guess it’s what they call passion, not the hot loving emotionally intense type or Jesus suffering, but the type when you get so devoted to something weather it be a habit, a person, work etc.

For me writing is my passion, next to creating things with my hands and keeping my fertile imagination up and running. See, I hate idleness because sometimes boredom leads to depression, because we usually think bad things about the people around us or about ourselves, or we become envious of someone having an active life. When we are idle or bored we also tend to do something stupid that we might regret thereafter.

The biggest thing I love about writing and blogging and what it brought in my life was this peacefulness. I found a place where I can write down my thoughts; give this voice in my head a place of its own without restrictions.

I still get passionate about other things, but my passion is not so scattered now and it's not so needy. It's a lot more powerful because it comes with being grounded and in peace. It's about the process and not about the results. It’s like having therapy or rather meditating.

Writing and blogging makes me alive, I hope my sister really understood now sister now why I get so hooked in this thing. This makes me come alive, reach out to people around the world, without even lifting my foot or travelling far. I believe that the happiness of a man in this life lies in the mastery of his passions.
Related to this I would just like to applaud Demi Sorono,28. Now this is a girl who found her passion and aiming high for it. She is a finalist in the You think You Can Dance Australia, who started dancing at the age of 5! Good luck girl!

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9 Happy Finders:

  • Donald B. Dousharm said...

    Hi Earthlingorgeous,

    Sorry I haven't commented the past few days as I have been in a busy time.

    Passion you say? I of late have struggled with passion. I don't seem to be as passionate about anything like I used to be.

    I do things, I achieve goals, but the goals just become part of the process. I have not found anything that really excites me of late.

    I am basically a happy person, I am satisfied with my life and the goals that I set out to achieve. I just don't have the (Wow!) only (This is about what I expected).

    Don't get me wrong though, I am very happy with what I achieved but it just don't excite me anymore. I'm not sure if thats a part of the aging process or what. I love life and am happy with my life but....

    The bottom line is, I think passion and excitement go hand and hand. I am just missing the excitement part.

    Hmmmm, You got this old brain working again. Nice post!

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Hey Donald! Welcome back!

    Hmmmm... I think I understand what you mean... I think things has become routinary to you that they are not just that exciting although you love and happy with what you do...

    But I think you are wrong in this assessment of yourself, I think you are passionate about gardening and that's what strech your ribs over eager to finish the project.

    So there you go you still have something you are passionate about you just didn't realize it.

  • Donald B. Dousharm said...

    Earthlingorgeous, You always have a way with words, please don't ever change that. You know, I am always looking at the big things in life and neglect the little things. You are 100% right, I didn't realize just how passionate I am about home life. I work and live for home and family.

    I spend a lot of time with my son Eric who is 12. We look forward to many fishing trips together. That is another thing I am passionate about. We spend our winters shopping for fishing gear and looking through maps finding new places to go fishing. We are like two little kids getting all excited about our new planned trips.

    You have made my day and I thank you for that.

  • From the Eyes of my Heart said...

    Hi Earthlingorgeous =) how's it going? blogging is one of my passions too! your right, true passion is not the "emotionally intense type". for me its, having a VISION and giving your all to see it come to reality =) God bless you gurl!

  • zunnur said...

    Hi Earthlingorgeous,

    The great things you've been writing in your blogs reflect your passion for writing. The way you've decorated your blogs reflect your creativeness. When you shouted in excitement after being able to make two sidebars :) it reflected your determination. When I read your posts, I could feel the enthusiasm in you.

    Keep writing and we'll be here to read. Its great to have a friend like you, but its sad that I couldn't spend much time in this great place called Blogosphere.

    Happy weekend my friend! Hope you're enjoying it :)

  • BK said...

    Glad that you have found a passion in writing. Keep it going! When the going gets tough, think about all the people you have positively affected their life. Your blog definitely makes a difference in their life :)

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Hi Wendy!
    Yeah that's what blogging gives me, having my vision to reality and the fun part is the learning process but the another best part is when people appreciate your work too :)

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Awww Zunnur thanks for dropping by when you have time :) Don't worry my blog will be here when you got nothing to do and bored :P I hope it will make you smile.

    Yeah you are right I was really determined to make that 3 blogger column by myself, the fulfillment by doing it on my own was the best part and I want to shout to the world I can do it :D hahaha!

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Hi Leanne! Thanks for the kind words, and yeah I am very much honored and humbled and happy that at some point I affect how people think and that is really the greatest bonus of making this blog, affecting people's thoughts and lives even just a fraction of it when they read ne :) and one happy affected people is really an achievement

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