Friday, October 12, 2012

Makeup Workshop With Blair Patterson and Gifts from Estee Lauder

Hey, hey hey! Here's something to do this weekend payday! Attend a Makeup workshop with a Global Makeup artist and get a free gift from Estee Lauder here's more details:
Makeup Workshop With Blair Patterson and Gifts from Estee Lauder

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happiness Is A State Of Mind

I have to admit that this cliche is somewhat true.  Last September, I knew I hated the whole month, there's was something about September that just takes out my happy spirit.  I was super waiting for September end because I knew October and the next following months will be happier.  True enought my October 1st started with a blast.  I was partying with beautiful people, at a high-class location with the cream-of-the-crop.  I've been out-of-town and back and wow I got a lot of gifts from brands that support my blog.  Life couldn't be much better.  

Of course I have some downs as well but compared to the ups, it was nothing at all.  It stresses me sure but not that much that I will require a Dallas elder law lawyer or a Dallas elder law attorney to fix the mess or the hassle I am going through.  

I would need a lawyer though if in case I don't keep my mouth shut or in blogging terms let my finger do the talking a lot.  Because despite having a TRO against the anti-cybercrime law we are not sure when the TRO will be lifted and the online libel clause will take effect and whatever we said online will still be used against us even if we wrote it during the period of the TRO.

Anyway,  I am inviting only the good things to come in my life and all other inconveniences are just there to balance it off .  Everything  in my life is great.  I am happy, I am healthy and I am wealthy and so are my family.

Because Our Kids Will Always Be Our Baby

Having a child is both a blessing and an adventure. From the moment she opens her eyes to her precious firsts up to when she grows big and strong. Every milestone, every experience, is a memory we would want to keep forever.

It began with an ultrasound. It’s the first tangible memory you can keep and treasure for as long as you can. And then, on THE day, your husband brought the camera. You weren’t at your best but nobody cared. And that was your first family portrait.

From there, everything was just automatic. You’d put your camera or smartphones on standby while you wait for those magical firsts, and not letting sickness get in the way of enjoying these ‘firsts’. The first time she held your fingers. The first time she whispered “mama” and “dada”. The first time she stood up and walk towards you. Then there are birthdays, summer vacations, holidays. Priceless, magical firsts. You make sure that she gets proper physical growth and development because she is healthy and sick-free. And this is a non-negotiable.

Every photo, video, and experience is a captured memory that not only highlights and immortalizes your child’s milestones, they also stand as proof on how well you take good care of her, protecting her from any harm or sickness resulting in normalized growth for her age.

Just like you, Ceelin Plus is all about protecting your child from sickness so that she grows properly according to her age, preventing growth stunting, enabling you to enjoy more milestones with her. Every parent is a proud parent. And Ceelin Plus understands just how much you love capturing the best moments of your child’s growth and development. That’s why they made a special place online where you can preserve, display and share your most valuable moments with your babies. It’s also a place where parents and children learn more about immunity, and how it leads to normalized growth and development preventing growth stunting; made possible by Ceelin Plus’ Ascorbic Acid para KONTRA SAKIT PLUS Zinc para KONTRA LIIT.

CEELIN PLUS S.T.E.P.S (Sights, Thoughts, Experiences, Photos Shared) is an online scrapbook where you can post and share every captured moment of you and your child. From photos, videos, events, sounds and more, this is your treasure box where your child can always be your baby, even when she grows up to become a lady.        

Kids grow up so fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can capture and keep every milestone?  Never miss a moment. Log on to now, and capture and share every milestone!

Watch this video to get inspired  

Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Complete Show Schedule

It's the time of the year again!  Here's the Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Complete Show Schedule

More Requirements For My Room Makeover

I've been inspired with the Modern Art Deco Inspired Room Makeover I've been doing for the past few weeks and my room is getting better by the day.  I'm now looking at flooring options as my old floor doesn't seem to match with my rooms new look.  I am now browsing for design at  and wow I am getting overwhelmed!  There are so many designs and looks I want that will blend well with the current theme of my room.   I think I'm gonna get my flooring needs here as they are now on 50% discount ! Gosh!

Flooring options include hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpet.  I can also get a free estimate for my room requirements and I can even get $100 discount coupon for my purchase which means more funds to buy more!  If the estimate on the design I wanted will be over my budget they offer financing too which is really great!

I am so convinced about buying  my floor  need here I wanted the tile but I think I'll go for the wood.  They have dark and light ones I'm gonna tinker more to see which gets my attention more.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Starting October Right

I'm glad to start the month right with a party with beautiful people inside-out because of the Facial Care Centre 30th Anniversary Party @ Manila Peninsula.  It was attended by the cream of the crop of Manila society and only invited guest are allowed to join.  It is great to have friends from high places eh?  How about you how did you start your month? I hope it was as awesome as mine.

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