Sunday, August 12, 2012

Have Jennifer Lopez Make Your T-Shirt

Oh yes, Jennifer Lopez is now in the t-shirt business and your t-shirt design could end up being produced by her.  How?  Check this out!  All about Teeology:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where to Send Donations (Cash or Kind) & Volunteers In the Philippines for Flood Victims

The sky right now is not a pretty sight, it is dark and gray everywhere and not a view of blue skies or white clouds can be seen above.  There is flood everywhere in Metro Manila and some other nearby provinces like Pampangga, Olonggapo, Benguet, Cavite, Laguna and there's no chance that the flood will go down any time soon as we were warned of heavy out pour again in the next few hours.   We need help there are a lot of people displaced from their homes and you can help by sending kindness to the following:
List Of Relief Operations in the Philippines Accepting Donations (Cash or Kind) & Volunteers

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Make Your Own Feather Accessories

We saw the trend of exotic and unique accessories that hit the market lately.  The trend includes accessories made of tassels, beads and even feathers of all shapes and colors.  Out of the three, feather made accessories are the most expensive and are hard to find .  My favorite are those made of peacock and ostrich feathers.   It is hard to find authentic made because most are just faux feather.  I found this site where they sell all kinds of feather from bleached or dyed peacock feathers  to ostrich tails , boas, croquets,  pheasant tails and more.  

They either sell by the dozen or per piece depending on which material you like.  I so adore all their items they have that I want to buy a couple dozen or more so I can make my own feather accessories for myself and even to sell on our upcoming bazaar!

Take a look at some of the feathers I fancy.

They take orders for this feather by the dozen but only one color per dozen

They take by 100's for this kind of ostrich tail

They accept by the piece order for this type.

They take by the 100's order for this one

I love that they accept a lot of payment modes and option like Paypal!  It is practical to order by the bulk so you will save more on shipping fee.  It is best if you have a US shipping address as for now they don't ship in the Philippines.  

The site is easy to browse and I love the detailed photos and item information included.  There are more feather types in their website.  If you are interested to buy something for your accessories or costume needs I highly recommend the site.  

Happy shopping!

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