Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stay Connected

I don't know how I will survive without internet in my life now. I depend on it for my work and to communicate with my loved one who is so far away from me. So, every time my internet signal would act up it makes me mad. I don't understand why my broadband internet would get disconnected when it rains, maybe I should switch to something reliable.

There are so many new deals now like broadband satellite internet access . I don't know how this works but it looks promising.

I was doing my research about cheap satellite broadband and I noticed some of the packages include satellite television which I think is cool. Something we would need since cable TV subscriptions are very limited these days.

Lessening Plastic Wastes

If everyone was disciplined enough to carry the usual bayong or paper bags when they shop, then there would be less plastic waste worldwide. I know its unavoidable to use plastics especially on items that are wet. Some genius mind out there should thinks something about this. But using Eco Bags is one of the means to lessen plastic shopping bag use so. Either establishment gives eco bags for free or allow shoppers to bring their own shopping bags and give them discount because they didn't use plastic.

Seriously, a shopper wouldn't pay an extra Php35 just to carry the items they just bought. These stores should give it for free. Shoppers shouldn't be the one shouldering the impending tax these they will have to pay for using plastic bags in their establishments..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Keeping My Things Safe

I never had a locker when I was in my gradeschool or highschool because our school doesn't provide such and doesn't have any funds for it and so we are forced to carry all our school books and notebooks and other school things everyday.

The only time I was able to use lockers was when I was working for a call center and this is way beyond highschool or even college. I guess most of us haven't used lockers during school time because most lockers in there were decorated like some gradeschool or highschool kid would do. They say its an expression of ones self but well its not so professional to think that its an office locker. People use it like they are back in school and are using school lockers.

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