Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday And Catholic Practice Of Faith

Thanks to the taxi driver I was riding earlier for reminding me that today is Ash Wednesday. Thanks to him I was able to attend mass to pay homage to Our Savior an be proud of my faith by wearing the sign of the cross on my forehead. Ash Wednesday is a very significant day in Catholic practice as this day is the beginning of Lent, the time of Jesus Christ big sacrifices for the salvation of the sins of the world.

I know that other religions or sect smirk at Catholic and their practices as they think we Catholics are hypocrites and practice our faith very seasonal. We don't preach as hard as the others because we believe in the freewill of men and that we believe that our faith in God, repentance from sins and praying sincerely will save our souls. I believe that God does not favor a single sect or religion but an individuals way of life.

Some will not agree with me and would call my attention to discuss this with me to insist on what they believe but I think people in the Catholic Chat City will understand me on this one and would agree that that religion is something people should not argue about especially those who practice different faith because that will cause a great clash of practices and beliefs.

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