Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy Week

After the long Holiday break I am finally back to my normal grind especially with my events. This week in particular is very hectic as I have events to attend to everyday not just one even a day but two.

I'm so silly to be even drinking a glass or two of wine or tequila tonight as I can't afford not to wake on time or sleep early as I am planning to write a couple of articles before they all pile up and stress me out.

I was also suppose download video torrents of some movies I failed to watch during the Holiday especially those from the film festival since I was out of town getting a tan and had no time to drop by a movie house and spare some time to watch a movie that I can download anyway.

I should be sleeping now but I need to finish my beauty regimen wash face etc. using the new product that was given to me by my favorite cosmetics company for a review. Eyes are getting heavy I'm getting sleepy. Talk to you all soon. Good night.

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