Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friendliest Country To Live

There is a belief that the grass is greener on the other side and that is why many people all over the world want to live or work away from their homes. However money is not the only factor people should consider when moving away from their home country. One should also consider if they can make new friends easily in that country, get good health benefits, find their own place to live, get their finances easily organized, finding a school for their children if they plan to bring their family. These are what they call the "integration factor."

HSBC commissioned a survey among expatriates who lived and work in different continents for years and they show which among the countries in the world is the friendliest to live and work for expatriates.

Bahrain ranks the highest while Canada on the second only, last year they were the top. However they think Bahrain's ranking was insignificant because only 35 expats from there were surveyed compared to the 450 surveyed in United Kingdom.

Read full story here.

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