Thursday, April 1, 2010


In the Catholic belief sex is sacred and should only be shared by a couple who are blessed in the sanctity of marriage. But the modern times, especially the exposure to TV shows and the internet some think sex is overrated.

Other religion, allow a man to be married to multiple women and so he gets to go around with different partners. Kinda like an open relationship too.

Its like having their own Lifestyle Lounge where each woman will have a schedule when he can get to sleep with the man. What a lucky guy I think.

Paganism I think practice swinging too and there's no big deal about it to them. Its only the Christian and Catholic church who put a restrain in the physical contact. Same reason why they are so afraid of having the Reproductive Health Bill approved here in the country.

But people who belong to St Louis swingers, charlotte swingers and Spokane swingers don't care about this. They just do as they please.

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