Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Perks of Blogging

After taking a back seat from work because I have to stay home more often because of my daughter's condition my social life halted big time and I felt my life was boring. For someone who has enjoyed work and loved the work I did leaving it was not easy. But of course someone has to do it.

I Thank God that I found blogging, public blogging, social blogging and paid blogging. I am still able to do what I love, write, socialize, go to places and get paid doing it.

I am not yet at par with the probloggers when it comes to income but from someone who just started making income with my blog this August I think I am ahead than the usual phase. I am so thankful for this and for my mom who has been supportive of me to help me watch over my daughter when I have events to attend to.

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