Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mischievous Child

I wish my parents had more than three children. I wish that we are six or twelve so I have someone with me right now to help me out fixing the house. My mom is too old to help me move the furniture around although she is still very strong and energetic for her age. My daugther is not available for such task yet, but I would be training her real soon for all the house chores. She can pack away and wipe the floors when prodded. But other major task like washing the dishes, doing the laundry, change the curtains and so on and so forth is something she could not grasp yet.

When I was a child at her age though I can do all those things. I even watch my dad do simple carpentry like fix or install electrical stuff, do simple carpentry and even fixing the roof when it leaks. He was like a pro from Phoenix Roofer doing the job.

Because of my curiosity, he left a mark on my right hand. A cigarette butt mark because I was squeezing myself wherever he goes and watch him do whatever he has to do. Accidentally he was shaking the cigar and my hand met the cigarette so here remains the mark of my mischievousness that I think my daugther got from me.

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