Thursday, June 12, 2008

Heaven or Hell is Here on Earth

I am not here to argue about religion nor stir controversy. I’m just here to empty my mind so you can load it on yours so that you can have something to think about (lol!).

Is there heaven or hell that we all go to when we die? When I was a child I used to subscribe to this belief but now that I am an adult and exposed to the ways of the world I find myself wondering if I should continue believing it or not.

It is indeed a comforting thought that when we all die (if we are good people here on Earth) there is a place that we will all go to that is better than what we have right now … the place they call Heaven. And rotten people go to a place where they will be punished eternally… Hell.

However, I find it disturbing that after this life assuming I will go to Heaven or Hell I would be sharing the space or the place with the ugly yucky guy I used to avoid in high school because he smells so much and I can’t take the grains of sweat dripping from his head and his big teeth and annoying geeky look! Or worse share the space with a serial rapist or an axe murder or worst Hannibal Lector!

I mean look at it this way, there are 88 million people alive right now here in the Philippines, and I imagine there is 44 billion people around the world? (Correct me if I’m wrong, I really don’t know). Anyway, since existence of man there already has been zillions of people that come and go and what they are either equally divided in heaven or hell? Could you imagine?

Who decides who goes to heaven or hell? Do we actually prescribe to the belief that there is a man at the gates of heaven or hell waiting for us, ask for our name and right there and there can tell you exactly if you belong in heaven or hell?

What I think is this, when we die we die, period. We are good as nothing, zilch, nil. It’s a sad thought but that’s what really happens. We are buried by the ones we leave behind and we will remain a part of history and memory alone. We are no longer part of anything but memory (even memory fades).

Nobody could ever tell or testify the truth about the after life now. When someone dies even if that someone has promised to come back to tell the story won’t come back to life to tell her/his tale. Someone who claimed that he or she has come back from the dead would be someone delusional or has wild imagination that is suited for an aspiring screenplay writer.

There is no single man alive who could ever tell us about wherever our soul goes when it separates from our physical body.

If there is life after death who knows? I only believe in one life and that life is the now that I am living and the one that I know exist as I still exist. This is the only life that we should value and take stock off and not the after life that who knows is there.

Heaven or hell, I believe exist in this life. Heaven and hell is what we make our life here and now on earth. If we live a life full of hatred, anger, pretences, discontentment, envy, lies and regrets, I think that is Hell. If we live life with contentment, love, happiness and desire to bring happiness to everyone around him/her and comes to good terms and in peace with yourself and others, that is Heaven.

When I was a little girl, maybe 8 or something, I used to believe, because that was what the church though us to believe, that bad people go to hell and get punished according to the sins they committed here on earth. If they are liars, their tongue will be pulled out of their mouth and get nailed to a rock and be tugged and pulled till you hurt and suffer for eternity. While heaven is a place where good people go, filled with angels and white light, everything is beautiful, no strife and you can have everything you want. But uhmmm… as I think of it what is heaven if I go there assuming and I be alone with angels I don’t know and leave my loved ones behind me, what kind of place do I go to alone.

Heaven or hell is here on Earth. We should make the best of what we have and what we do now. It is more comforting to know that we live a satisfying life now and that we are happy and content and make the others around us the same and not bank on the here after where we can make up for all that we lack in the now because there is no guarantees that it exist.

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2 Happy Finders:

  • Don Dousharm said...

    Wow! Do you really feel that way? I like to think that there is something after death. I'm not sure what but it is just a thing that I have believed in for most of my life. I have seen death on many occasions and to see someone motionless makes me think that they are still there in some way.

    Earthlingorgeous, I am curious after growing up Catholic, why the change in the belief system?

  • earthlingorgeous said...


    Believing that there is something after death is good, I believed that way too and at the back of the mind even if I'm questioning it's existence now I think what's best to do is not bank on the future that we don't know of and instead invest on the present.

    I've been disgusted by so many evil ways of all churches and not just the Catholic, I started ignorant and now I know too many, I would always say I wish to get my innocense back but then again all this belief that taught us was there just to put order and when the authorities have no answer to all questions then they turn to God or the higher being or the unknown. Some things are left unknown.

    If there is something after death, I don't really know. Nobody really knows even those alive who claim knowledge of it. They are lying.

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