Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Papa!

My elder sister was closer to my Dad, among us, she is the favorite I believed and I think she feel the same. We have different feelings for our father, you can read my sentiments about our father here. While my sister wrote this touching and loving piece for him.

I printed it out (upon her request) and gave it to our Papa printed in large bold fonts for his easy read. Here it goes:

(Start of my sister's letter/post) I have learned a lot from you, though your method of teaching is hmmn, not so traditional.

It has been painful for you to walk for a few years now so your moving around activities are limited to the house, sitting on your chair in front of it and going to and from the neighborhood store. You're turning 77 this July. Your elder sister died a few weeks ago.

You've been ill a couple of days back and had difficulties getting up from bed. Now they say you can barely hear and people yell at you by default for you to be able to understand what they're saying. This is freaking me out so I have to go do this. I hope you appreciate it.

A few months ago, I went and asked you that if your life had been different, what would you see yourself doing other than this life you have now?

You have a ready, curt no-nonsense, four-letter word answer that I refuse to share with everybody - it's mine!

Looking at it now, I should have apologized for laughing my ass of out of what you said. I am sorry. I did not understand then. I do now.

Your life had been a series of challenges since you were young and without a good pair of parents (be it their fault or not) that might have made your life easier. That's no excuse to get deep into a series of alcohol-induced stupor. Adolescence, even adulthood did not offer additional comfort and or has even made you used to uhmm...well...what you're used to. Then comes your fairy-tale wedding. Eventually it grew to a family. I just happened to be on that unit. This marriage and family grew.

At times I think I thirst for what might have been (and since you're still alive - this could very well improve - I can hope, right?) our interactions because I am often told I've always been your favorite. I have no blame but gratitude and the ever constant need & compulsion to take care of you.

But since I'm miles away (and you can't hear me on the phone or even on the webcam), let me tell you this:

As you have always done alone since you were young, keep taking care of yourself.

And oh, I LOVE YOU.(End of my sister's letter)

Our father read the letter alone, it took him a couple minutes, I think I saw him teary eyed. Ack I am too upon reading the letter.

Happy Father's Day!

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