Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No More Rants, Goodbye.

The more I dwell into my bad feeling the more I feel bad and the more everything else turns ugly. I'm letting go of the hurt today and I'm letting you go.

There's no more reason to fight what's meant to happen, its becoming a struggle. There's no reason to resist its a futile attempt to save or revive whatever flame is left of us. It looks like there's none, not even a spark.

Goodbye to you. I'll try to think less of you.

I was being cruel because I was trying hard to notice all the bad things I hate about you because that will make.it easier for me to unlove you. But the more we talk the more I miss you and.was trying so hard to push you into saying things you were holding back from me. But you choose to keep that wall so you rather stop talking.

I hear you. Its over.

I will no longer rant about you with you or anyone else today.


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