Monday, June 1, 2009

I Wish For Sun, I Wish For Rain

When it summer is up we wish for rain when the rain is here we wish for the sun. It seems you never ever please anyone these days. It's been raining three days straight and flood and traffic was everywhere. We didn't expect the rain this early. Oh well, the weather has been unpredictable since the Global Warming phenomena was discovered.

Anyway, I wish for sun so my laundry would dry and so that we can get our roof fixed. It appears there are some holes on our roof. There were leaks here and there in the house especially at mom's room that we did not know of. Most of the clothes on mom's closet got wet and the flooring was semi-flooded too.

Our roof has been fixed one too many times but it seems we always get unprofessional guys here. We have to do it twice a year. Aside from other repairs in the house that the same cheap workers my mom gets. I wish that Atlanta Roofer was just around the corner so they can fix our roof for good and don't have to worry about ruined clothes when the rain comes. Or I wish I can do everything so we don't need to pay anyone to do the job right.

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