Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Night Heaven Smiled At Me

These were the best shots I got some were a bit blurry because of my shaking hands but this was the night sky Monday night. It was so wonderful, the heaven was smiling at me!

I habitually look at the sky every night or day. I am always fascinated by it. There is always something warm and relaxing up there. The smiley sky was said to be a planetary conjunction when two planets are aligned. This one was Jupiter and Mercury just on top of the quarter moon, something of mark and marvelous view.

The heavens that night was full of stars. That's what I love most during the December months the sky is filled with stars. My favorite group of stars I personally call the rosary is always there. It is the small dipper by the way.

Literally this was heaven smiling at us, I feel great about it!

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