Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happiness is not elusive

Is happiness elusive or are we the ones avoiding it?

Take a look in the mirror and ask this one question “Am I happy?”

I assure you, you will find it difficult to answer that for yourself and if you do give a quick reply it is somewhere between “Not just quite,” “No”, “I’ll be happy when...”

Don’t worry I know what you mean that is my problem too. See, when I want something so bad I am a bit restless and don’t feel good until I have it. I am restraining myself from total happiness or at least the joy of enjoying what I already have because of something I want to have.

When you lock onto desire for something (or someone), you build up expectations and we know unfulfilled expectations always cause unhappiness. The greater the expectation we have the deeper the unhappiness we feel.

Are we living in an increasingly material world that we believe that external things we desire can complete our happiness? Can we never ever be satisfied? When will it be enough?

Gaining the satisfaction with what we have is not easy because we are easily tempted to compare ourselves with others who have more or something different you wish you have too. It is so difficult not to envy and to not compete.

But truly I can say that is the answer to our quest: “Find joy in what you have and stop looking at what others have.”

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