Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just When...

Just when you think that your tired of your job,think again. Think of the million people just here in Metro Manila alone who are jobless. Think about how your job helps you with your daily spendings and other needs.

When you feel burnt out, take a time to relax. Once a month or twice a week won't hurt. Schedule something fun to do and something to look forward to at the end of your work week.

Just when you feel your mother or father or sister see every bit of wrong you do, think of it as their concern for you, their deepest and unconditional love for you. Your family will never do you wrong.

Just when you feel a friend or an acquaintance is sometimes too proud of her/his looks or of her/his abilities, letting you down, always feeling superior about themselves. Although sometimes it may be really irritating and way beyond border, remind yourself that people are different and there is always a reason for everybody's behavior.

Just when you feel low, look back and remember the happy moments and great achievements you have. Think of your old smiles. If you need an outlet to it go then go find that outlet. Let it be a sport or a hobby. Try to break a plate,scream, dance, drink but not so much that you can be be labeled an alcoholic. Just feel it, express it then release it. Let go!

Just when you feel that your life is falling apart and all your efforts fails. Try to relax and remind yourself that maybe the time isn't just right. Strive harder or take it easy. Talk to a friend or a loved one, ask anyone who can help you out with your frustrations. Do something you love. Relax, everything will fall into place don't be too comfortable though and just let be, if you want something so much you will try your best to achieve it. Keep true to your words and what you believe in. Keep your dignity.

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