Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Requirements For My Room Makeover

I've been inspired with the Modern Art Deco Inspired Room Makeover I've been doing for the past few weeks and my room is getting better by the day.  I'm now looking at flooring options as my old floor doesn't seem to match with my rooms new look.  I am now browsing for design at  and wow I am getting overwhelmed!  There are so many designs and looks I want that will blend well with the current theme of my room.   I think I'm gonna get my flooring needs here as they are now on 50% discount ! Gosh!

Flooring options include hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpet.  I can also get a free estimate for my room requirements and I can even get $100 discount coupon for my purchase which means more funds to buy more!  If the estimate on the design I wanted will be over my budget they offer financing too which is really great!

I am so convinced about buying  my floor  need here I wanted the tile but I think I'll go for the wood.  They have dark and light ones I'm gonna tinker more to see which gets my attention more.

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