Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Because Our Kids Will Always Be Our Baby

Having a child is both a blessing and an adventure. From the moment she opens her eyes to her precious firsts up to when she grows big and strong. Every milestone, every experience, is a memory we would want to keep forever.

It began with an ultrasound. It’s the first tangible memory you can keep and treasure for as long as you can. And then, on THE day, your husband brought the camera. You weren’t at your best but nobody cared. And that was your first family portrait.

From there, everything was just automatic. You’d put your camera or smartphones on standby while you wait for those magical firsts, and not letting sickness get in the way of enjoying these ‘firsts’. The first time she held your fingers. The first time she whispered “mama” and “dada”. The first time she stood up and walk towards you. Then there are birthdays, summer vacations, holidays. Priceless, magical firsts. You make sure that she gets proper physical growth and development because she is healthy and sick-free. And this is a non-negotiable.

Every photo, video, and experience is a captured memory that not only highlights and immortalizes your child’s milestones, they also stand as proof on how well you take good care of her, protecting her from any harm or sickness resulting in normalized growth for her age.

Just like you, Ceelin Plus is all about protecting your child from sickness so that she grows properly according to her age, preventing growth stunting, enabling you to enjoy more milestones with her. Every parent is a proud parent. And Ceelin Plus understands just how much you love capturing the best moments of your child’s growth and development. That’s why they made a special place online where you can preserve, display and share your most valuable moments with your babies. It’s also a place where parents and children learn more about immunity, and how it leads to normalized growth and development preventing growth stunting; made possible by Ceelin Plus’ Ascorbic Acid para KONTRA SAKIT PLUS Zinc para KONTRA LIIT.

CEELIN PLUS S.T.E.P.S (Sights, Thoughts, Experiences, Photos Shared) is an online scrapbook where you can post and share every captured moment of you and your child. From photos, videos, events, sounds and more, this is your treasure box where your child can always be your baby, even when she grows up to become a lady.        

Kids grow up so fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can capture and keep every milestone?  Never miss a moment. Log on to now, and capture and share every milestone!

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