Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Having My Brand On Print

When I saw the Lacoste Spring Summer 2013 collection, I got inspired to have my logo and brand printed on fabric. The problem is I don't know where to find someone who do such service until I bumped into this commercial printing site that offers a lot of services when it comes to printing needs. Thank goodness they also accept apparel printing, I just don't know if they can accept or do the same lay-out I have in mind but maybe with the proper push they will do it since they say they are "creative as your wildest imagination." A sample of their apparel printing was the shirts from the Doritos campaign that looked really good. I think my requirement will not be difficult for them as I would just ask them to have my prints in a whole fabric sheet and I'll be the one to make it anyway I want, be it a dress, a pants a skirt, or anything! They also master in marketing and branding so they would understand my requirement. I like what I see in their website and if they did a good job on the first transaction with them I might be a loyal customer. Especially now that the Christmas season is near, company souvenir items is a thing for giveaways. I don't know how much they charge it is not indicated in the site. I think you need to contact them to get a quotation. All I know is that they use hazmat shipping with all the products order through them. They need to use this kind of shipping because of the smell of the paint materials used in printing which is understandable . Oh! and if you require them to use green printing solutions they have it which I think is great because some paint materials can be really hazardous to the environment. It would be great if most printing companies offer such service. I'm glad they do.

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