Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Car Buying For A Noob

I don't know a thing about a car, well ok I might know a few like break, hood, accelerator, seatbelt, bumper, and winshield. I also know about car brands, Maza, Toyota, Ferari, BMW, Mercedez-Benz, etc. I even want to see an F1 race live someday soon (to see the cars and the drivers mwahahaa!) Anyway, I tried to learn how to drive in college but I did not do well, I almost hit a post and that was the end of my driving lessons. I still like window shopping for cars, in fact I am now looking at second hand cars and utility vehicles at and just looking at them makes me wish I can drive so I can try those wheels myself. For pre-owned cars they darn look good and brandnew. But what do I know I don't drive. I might have to bring a driver and mechanic when I buy my first car. The mechanic would have to see whatever I need when I drive and what should be in a working car like probably the condition of the retrofit air conditioning , the clutch, the break, the whatevers inside the hood of a car. But I think I don't have to worry much about the quality of cars I will get in this website as they look trustworthy, afterall they also offer financing for those who can qualify and offer other financial assistance or solutions to those who have bad credit. Another outstanding feature they have is the after sales warranty service, or post warranty service of the convenience of all their customers. I heard the after sale service from them is one of the major turn-on for most customers and some even come back to buy their second and third car from them. So, if a noob like me will buy her first car I think this will be the place for me to go to. How about you, where did you buy your first car?

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