Monday, July 4, 2011

What Audio Conferencing Do For Me

My computer is the most important possession I have right now because I use it for work and leisure. Without it I don't think I'll be able to survive this crazy life! Hahaha!

Being a blogger and a freelance digital marketing consultant I mostly do my work online. Having said that I use my PC in just about anything I do work related. I have online business inquiry and I reply to inquiries online. I also do my meetings using the Audio conferencing with it using a reliable audio system with working microphones, speakers and web cams. Without a reliable visual and sound system my Audio conference will be useless. 

Sometimes I use the Audio conference for personal use too. Especially when I talk with friends, relatives and loved ones who are out of the country and we are trying to save some moolah because its cheaper too.

We use either Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messaging. However, we can't use any of the above if the internet service provider sucks. So I definitely need a good net connection at home too.

How about you what is your most important possession right now? Don't be philosophical I'm just asking about the material things you have that you can't live without.

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