Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things I Pick-Up To Need Less Money

It sounds silly but its actually what everyone should try to do to have an easier and happier life. Our stress are actually unnecessary because we are trying to measure up with everyone. If we focus on what we just need and not what we want then its easier to feel more blessed than anyone else.

1) Remove the frame of reference
If no one bought designer clothes, would you really care about a label? If you take away the point of reference to the equation and stop the comparison then its a lot easier to say what's really enough for you because you are going back to basic, and those are the things you really need and not just wants.

2) Identify your spending habits
Are you buying it because you need it or are you buying it because you want to feel good? Recognize which things you’re buying simply to avoid dealing with feelings. It may be a sense of loneliness, or purposelessness, or discontent. Buying may give you temporary relief but once you got the merchandise you'll go back to feeling the same again and want to buy something else again and its a cycle.

3) Be the Queen B
Its nice to go to an expensive out-of-the-country or out-of-town vacation or go shopping or have coffee with that expensive coffee shop but if you can do something more inexpensive and cheap why not try to do it. Start the trend, be the Queen B and the rest will follow.

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