Monday, July 4, 2011

Taking A Look At Ireland, Alaska & Australia Tours

So, where do you plan to take your next vacation? I know where I'm going!

The cheapest way to go out of the country is to book your travels using packaged tours offered by different travel and tours agencies and companies.

I've been wanting to go to AustraliaIreland and Alaska and can't find the best offers yet until I visited this website that offers the best vacation tours in the countries I've mentioned.

I love to be able to have the option to choose which airlines to board to, which hotels to stay in, and the places you want to visit. I don't like the usual packaged tours that will impose you stick to their schedule and stuck on visiting certain tourist spots only.

Mostly, what I like to do on my travels is to go to the most recommended destination, take a city tour first to familiarize myself with the area and get as many information as I can and make my own tours whenever and wherever I wanted. I think that is cheaper and much fun than sticking to a schedule and bad company.

The first thing I want to see in my australia tours is Sydney. I'm not sure what to see in my alaska tours but I'll visit a blogger friend who lives there. I heard Ireland got nice culture and history so that will be included in my itinerary for the ireland tours.

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