Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do You Order Personal Checks?

How do you do your business? Are you all out in spending printing out materials to impress the clients and competitors? Or are you thoughtful with whatever you do especially when it comes to environment protection?

I have sworn to protect the environment and be a source of waste in any way I can. I try hard to recycle, reuse and reduce anything as much as possible.

Do you order personal checks even if you still have pads and pads of it or do you wait until you are left with one? Would you rather order personal checks to a printing company who use recycled materials or you want everything spanking brand new for you?

I'll remind everyone now that when ordering checks, make sure to ask the bank if they have a printing company who recycles paper and don't cut fresh woods. In that way you are helping out in protecting our natural resources and are reducing your waste.

Some will charge higher for reprints especially if their printing company uses recycled materials, or is it the other way around? I completely forgot. Anyway, just be mindful when using checks. If you can go paperless with your business transaction do so.

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