Friday, November 19, 2010

Things I Can Do In One Click!

When I was a little girl I always look forward to going to Araneta Collisuem to watch a live children's show featuring either Disney on Ice or The Worlds Greatest Circus.

I feel bad not having my daughter watch these shows as often as I did before but well she was able to see the real deal in Disneyland HongKong when we went there for a visit.

I'm planning to reserve some Rosemont theater tickets as I heard they feature the world's best live children show.  I saw a Barney show coming this December , Lord of the Dance and Legally Blonde on their schedule.  The daughter would love the Barney show and I would love to see Legally Blonde and their version of the bend and snap!

The last concert I attended was the Then and Now show where Diana King, and Jojo performed.  I will be booking some United Center tickets as Lady Gaga will be performing there in February 2011!   I also saw Bon Jovi and the reunion show of the New Kids on The Block!   Sounds exciting!

The Wigley Field Tickets I got will be good for the game of the Chicago Cubs in March and the game of the Northwestern Wildcats Football.

I got all these tickets by booking online.  Imaging I was able to get sure seats for a live children's entertainment show, musical acts and concert and amazing sports game without any hassle and with just one click!

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