Thursday, August 12, 2010

Online Math Tutors

Seriously I think some of the math subject being taught in College don't need to be there unless the course a student was enrolled to is engineering, accountant, or anything that requires a lot of calculation and math formulas.

I barely passed my college math and I can't remember what is a Factoring polynomials . If my daughter would ask me about this she will be very disappointed because I don't know the answer and she will suffer the same disappointment I have when I was still studying.

I used to asked my brother and sister on how to solve math problems but they would revert me to my book and tell me I should understand my lesson, after all its my lesson. I would sit in the corner and sulk. Good thing there was my dad to the rescue, he would help me do it.

Students these days are lucky because there are free math help they can find online. This one is and online math tutoring service that is specifically for K-12 and college students. I wish we have this during my time.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Since, the time is changed, the way of teaching too. Nowadays students are more inclined to online tutoring services. I think online tutors are best persons to guide students doing their studies. They provide 1-to-1 tutoring to the students. There are several websites available to help students learning math. I personally like My daughter uses it; she is in 8th grade and has improved a lot after she has started taking online math tutoring from this site

  • Anonymous said...

    would like to contact you- didn't see email on site pls email me at - would like to work with you!

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