Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walking Sticks And Canes As Fashion Accessory?

Men have very limited fashion accessories and props to make them stand out in a crowd.  Fedora hats, blazers and leather jackets are just everywhere.  Maybe its time for them to find something else that will make them stand out, and yes I suggest walking canes  or sticks.

I know that they were thought of as a tool to assist someone to be steadier in their feet but Charlie Chaplin and Dr. Gregory House definitely did not need assisting with their walking.

Dr. Gregory House
Charlie Chaplin
Check out 1001walkingcanes.com to find the right mens cane to suit your attire.  There are pieces that are perfect for formal wear, casual wear and a lot more, there are canes for women too.
Here are some of the canes that looked like House and Chaplin was carrying only much better and with nice details to it:
You can buy a canes and walking sticks are sold for as low as US$50 to as high as US$401

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