Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Hour Translation Services

If you are living, visiting or transacting business internationally it is very likely that you meet people who don't know how to speak or write in English.  I have been to Hong Kong couple of times and most of them don't know how to speak English fluently more so writing it.  I've heard that most people in Japan don't speak English well too that's why they require those who want to work in their country to speak their language.

If you are in these countries and transacting business or just reading some papers and would like to understand whatever they mean without the pain of learning the language for a couple of months, you could use online translation services.

Translia offers professional translation services and can deliver it in an hour.  You will need credits to avail of their services for a mere $1.00 for 100 credits!  Their language translation services is available in 129 languages worldwide, which includes translation of Filipino, French, Japanese, Korean, Greek, German, and more.

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